Padadise, Town of 26,000, Destroyed in 24 hours, Close to Volcano, Quarter Million Evacuated

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Is a Volcano the Culprit of the Camp Fire Destruction in California?
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  1. Thats what they get for clearcutting over 2 MILLION acres of wet lush Redwoods forest! Then when you clear cut the old trees, it takes 50+ years for the complex root systems to ROT. Once they ROT there is nothing to hold the mountain in place, and the top of the ground slides when it gets too heavy with rains! This is all Poetic Justice! You people deserve everything you get. I am sick of the scumbag corruption. I was raised as a white American and I am forced to live like a live in hostage to human rights crimes and corruption! America is bottom of the gutter trash!
    … guess who the Indians are now???? PERFECT JUSTICE!NO MERCY! NONE! NONE! ZERO!
    Find out how it feels to be on the receiving end of a campaign to be exterminated!!! NO MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They can't rebuild if 1) they didn't own it to begin with, or 2) if they can't get insurance, and 3) if they can't get a permit to rebuild. I keep hoping someone will do follow up videos on these locations to see what happens over the next few years.

  3. The new normal is rich banksters ordering our CIA and PG&E to commit crimes and terrorism against us. Jerry "the traitor" Brown is giving the perps a bond issue to pay for THEIR losses!
    This is where insanity replaces reality.

  4. Who benefits the Most from this? Not the Trades or Construction industry. Many of these were older structures and they probably paid $1,000 / yr in property taxes, if they rebuild they will have a higher value putting their property taxes closer to $5,000 / year. Multiplied by 10,000+ structures……Who receives the Benefit of the Increased Property taxes FOREVER?

  5. A woman whom lived in Paradise. The day prior to the fire. This woman seen a helicopter filled with expensive business wear (suits). They were scoping out the area Cuz They are Carpetbagging!!

  6. Copied from Jim Stones Website: 
    Directed energy weapons starting fires in Cali? A video someone took makes it appear plausible.
    It is hard to say how this evolved, but it really does look like the fires in California were started by directed energy weapons that used the metal in cars to interact with and get them burning, which then started forest fires. This is because there are simply too many cars that are totally melted and burned to a crisp in the same place where there are trees that are not that badly hurt. It looks like the cars themselves started the fires after being torched by something and whatever happened to the trees is whatever happened.

    I have seen lots of fires on roads like this, with everything torched to a crisp on the sides of the roads, with ZERO burned cars. even though they had to drive through the fire zone. As long as you don't stop anywhere, it is not likely there will be a problem. It appears obvious that these cars were burned to a crisp while they were moving down the highway which is highly unlikely to happen naturally. On a road of the type in this video below, even if you do drive through a wild fire, there's little chance your car, which is substantially away from anything that is burning, will simply torch off before it can even roll away from it. There are no trees downed across the road (which would be doom, if you stop you'll obviously take a chance of getting burned) However, the road is instead perfectly clean, with relatively good condition trees on both sides in several areas where cars are torched to a crisp. NOT PLAUSIBLE.
    Here is the video. Warning, it is on Facebook but you can get it to play without an account. Facebook has lost 65 percent of it's users to date for good reason. I explained what happened above quite well for those who don't want to hit Facebook.

    I agree with the DEW crowd: The aftermath of the fires is not plausible. If it was a real scenario, trees would have burned through and fallen across the road. They did not. The road is very clean for "after an enormous fire", the burned out cars make it look like it was an alien attack on the cars that sparked a forest fire, not a forest fire burning cars.
    You can thank the deep state/dems/communists/soros for the fires in California for sure, the way they just sprang up right as massive election fraud was being exposed during an election that will spell life or death for America is suspicious to say the least, ESPECIALLY since the main target was Paradise, which (was) one of California's strongest conservative areas. They wanted it killed without question. Very suspicious it happened, and it is SO BAD that I doubt the city will rebound, every last thing is destroyed and now it looks like a substantial portion of the population is dead also. Too many people who would bring the city back are dead.

    My take on this is that even if it was not DEW's doing this (doubtful, it really looks like it was) but if it was not, it was done on purpose anyway by operatives on the ground. The election is the key to all of this, the suspicious timing is undeniable.

    Paradise California: Over 600 likely dead
    I thought the death toll was awful low. The fire ripped through that town so fast people could not even get to their cars and start driving. Over 600 people are now confirmed missing and odds are they are dead. The entire town was burned. I would not be surprised at all if the death toll went over 1, 000. Paradise is probably not going to be rebuilt.

  7. Prophecy Links

    -Seen to be seeing, Oct 5. 2018, more bear beast grazing on the horizon of pending ELE's, as those vicious, ancient beast seen sitting in the church/home front just as other members of the family; those great beast tearing and chomping through pulpits and pews, leaving them vacant; those chomping and stomping at people as they sat their peace getting porches, with over a hundred and twenty such bear beast frequenting money markets. As, evenly so, the two crystallized Godzilla type beast, but you guys, only revealed as the sky itself crystallized, broke apart and cracked along these huge shards and itself, missiled down upon us all. Pretty much what Jesus, Mat 24, describing the end of the world as we've know it, that said generation, Angel Gabriel 543 BC, 2004 AD, verify we are, wouldn't pass away until all be fulfilled.

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    -That she and I shared our frustrations that people the US West and Midwest/Midsouth weren't being warned by or called into mandatory evacuations, to get out, I even suggested, how multi millions being kept unaware could be an unforeseen depopulation strategy, is this the original jihad, dumbing down our age of reveal? I sensed mightily, as o be weighed down by it, right before these worst ever infernos happen that Pres. Trump was weighed down mightily himself. Questioning, supposed she is one of God's chosen, supposed HE has like Noah's day told her, He's to desolate all US to Western soil this planet;

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    Beware, Apb,

  8. There are a lot of skeptics out there that cannot believe that our government is behind the California fires… This is how you will know for a fact if our government is behind it…. When people try to rebuild their homes after the fires, the government is going to tell them NO! They will take the land away from the people!!

  9. I have a mosquito candle , on porch , with some water in it. There are 6 leaf eating beetles in it. The bushes nearby have violently been CHEWED _CHOMPED away on . No insects in sight. Eerie…. I have the craziest photos too. This is a pre fire stage to Cali. I'm in Lakewood , Co.
    Hello !!

  10. You're spreading bullshit and fear for no reason. People don't need the stress. You're mentally ill you have paranoid delusions. Something is wrong with the world I get it but speculating wildly about crazy stuff is just moronic and ridiculous. Stop spreading bullshit hype show some real evidence for some of your claims if you're going to make them.

  11. I am one that had to evacuate Paradise California. At 7:00 am from my neighbor that she got a call from her friend in Paradise around Pinterest ridge is on fire and we need to evacuate. So I said should we also evacuate, she said no not yet, but pack anyway. At 7:10 am my neighbor calls me again pack fast I have a fire on the bike trail on my back yard. Now I am two doors down from her. I didn't know what grab but a few clothes, my important papers, my Bible and no socks, no breakfast, no coat just grabbed a light sweater and fled. When I got over to my neighbor's I see the fire and now helping her to pack up her car, so when can get out faster. Took us an hour to pack her up. I call 911. When I got over there to tell them we have a fire on the bike path on Arlene Way, the dispatch lady says if your in Paradise you need to evacuate the whole town is on fire, and I said what?? I hang up. Neighbor we need to leave now the whole town is on fire. So we do…..and get to Skyway out our driveway and it's all bumper to bumper and i am getting a call from my son who lives in Chico see the big black smoke he says mom you need to leave now and I day we are trying….no you take her car and drive out now, I say no I can't do that. So we get out of driveway get onto Skyway driving up to wagstaff and the intersection is jammed packed. So now we had police trying to come down from Magila and head down pass that intersection to direct traffic out as fast as then can. So they get the traffic finally moving and as we are driving out of Paradise I see both sides of the road are on fire the smoke is do thick you can't see in front of us and all you see is smoke and I can feel the heat coming through the car door so I see tail light tell my neighbor to slow down and stop there is now s telephone pole down on the road so go left and drive around it she does and then we get out of then all of a sudden I couldn't breath….my sinces have block so I am trying to breath thru my nose and i ask my neighbor to hand me her water bottle, so I put water on my finger put it under my nose , yes it worked open up my sinuses again and I can breathe again. To amazing to get out of the smoke to see traffic backed up again so we see a open path between the divided and cars are driving on that to get to the open lanes that come up so we are now on that road and more cars are following so we can all get out of Paradise. Now we have 50,000 of us all trying to get out of Paradise all at the same time. So as we come down to Chico the police are so helpful Thur the whole thing and the volunteers. So now we are in Chico jammed packed with cars all over and now the gas stations are out of gas. So we go to my son's work and they are helping us with hot coffee and hot chocolate. Since it is now 1:00 it took us 31/2 hours to get out of Paradise. I didn't think we where going to make it out. I tell ya that was so life threatening that I don't ever want to do that again.

  12. California is going through a cleanse. That place houses so many evil and disgusting people that it was bound to happen sooner or later. Hollywood is so disgusting that even the devil would have to admit it. Many of you have. o idea what REALLY goes on there. Some of these stars you love are really TERRIBLE people and do some really sick things to children and women. Its no secrete. So the reason the fires are so massive is because there's alot of filth there that MUST be cleansed in order for the planet to cont to survive.

  13. There are many possibilities.

    The Chinese bought those areas that are burning. Coincidence? I think not. Also, they just made their exchanges in the currency 'reset'. They are 'liquid' according to Intel. Also, it would be wise to consult the non-traditional 'intel'. Consult the metaphysicians, the 'Spiritualist, etc. You've spoken to many but not on this subject. Consult or interview them on this subject, please. Those residents have committed some nasty deeds. They involve, children, innocent women and men and they relish is sacrifice and murder. Bohemian Grove is up that way, remember? One esoteric source says that a Dragon was awakened there and was urged to destroy that area due to a lot of diabolical deeds that were done over many years. It was just time to take that area OUT!

    Another idea is that we sit on the 'Ring of Fire' which encompasses a huge circular ring of volcanoes. Hawaii volcano is the 'lit' candle that can ignite the whole lot of them. Every night and sometimes day, I hear a low rumbling coming from the ground. What is this? At first, I thought it was the underground trains. But no they stop at night but the rumbling continues. There are also ELF waves being triggered in the air. They keep waking me up when I try and fall asleep. But after 11:11:11, a couple of days ago, I still hear it but it isn't as bad. If 5G is beaming silent weaponry under the ground to trigger the plates then it's bigger than we thought. Some sources say that the Hawaii volcano Pele was triggered by 'off planet' authorities.

    Remember, there are lots of major volcanoes in California.

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