Panic engulf residents as ghost is caught on camera

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Police in Espanola, New Mexico are catching more than just criminals. They are catching images of what they believe are ghosts on surveillance cameras at the police department.

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  1. So the original video is blurry and then the copy of that is also blurry and the copy we get is so fucking blurry that it is completely pointless.

    downvoted for shitty quality.

  2. "detectives say there is no explanation for this.." what detectives? What the video shows is of a ghost, but not at all in any supernatural sense, more like the effects of a video recording medium being used to record over and over itself, causing a video "ghosting" of previous people caught walking in a similar directions, over and over again. note that only one angle in the other many angles from other cameras was observed to have seen the ghost, and yet this ghost is supposed to have wandered the property?

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