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Spooktober 2018 is here and Game Dave takes video game horror into Virtual Reality with Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul in VR!

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  1. It's not a horror game by any stretch, but whenever you have free time for another VR game once Spooktober is over, trust me, you need to try Astro Bot out! I'm not exaggerating when I say it might just be the single best game released on PSVR yet, the game singlehandedly got me hooked back into VR!

  2. What's this? A spoopy VR treat? We're proud of you! While it would've been easy – and plenty entertaining – to celebrate Halloween with a Famicorner episode about something like…. that Kid Dracula game for the Famicom or… that Splatterhouse "Something Graffiti" game with the chibi/SD-style characters, that would've been the COWARDLY thing to do. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR GAME DAVE! Instead you decided to go for MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, threw on your PSVR goggles and braved the most terrifying experience you could find in VR – "Breaking into some kid's house: the Game". All for our enjoyment 😀

    If you're wondering if it was worth it, let me tell you: Yes, yes it was. Thank you Game Dave * salutes *

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