Paranormal Lockdown Drakelow Tunnels

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  1. look up stclair tunnel in michigan, it was the first under water tunnel ever made, and its 4 miles from my house, i plan on exploring and filming it, c'mon dude productions come to michigan!! XD

  2. bad or good but most of them were once human an i think that they are lonely an if they can get to scare u or something that gets your attention it gives them hope now not all are like that some are as dark as the night without the moon light but if your in that type of situation i would get out as fast as i could

  3. I love shows like this ….but u can tell when it's the peoples own fears or imagination taking over …now with that said it is hard to explain away personal experiences because im not there i don't believe all ghosts are bad i have had a few experiences myself an only one has ever really scared the crap out of me an it was the white hot fear that goes all the way threw u

  4. I can tell the difference in the rules on language between the uk and the US because they are clearly cursing a lot more they would try not to in the US and if they did it would be bleeped. I don't like all this every other word is the F word at all. its completely unnecessary and really ruins the evidence because every time they have to rewind to show the evidence we have to hear the foul language yet again. now I am sure i'd say holy sh*t if I were there a few times too but every other word would not be F this and F that!

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