Paranormal Survivor Michael’s Haunted Apartment

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  1. I've been haunted since I was 5 the craziest EVP I've ever gotten was about a yr ago. I was singing Amazing Grace & recording it and right after the part of the song but now I see, this voice says " Your kids are your faith/fate"
    Not sure if it was saying faith or fate. I have no clue what it meant,but it was kinda scary

  2. There are no ghosts of dead people. When people die, their spirits are in the care of Jesus until Judgement. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." So it isn't dead people's spirits that haunt. Demons, however … are only too glad to accommodate people with fixations on ghosts and hauntings. The scriptures warn about this stuff, and yet people who are bored or looking for thrills or to feel important, focus on this garbage. God forbid that anyone would seek God to meet and know Him. No. They'd rather tap into the occult for sensual fascination. No good comes from this interest, and it isn't healthy or sound.

  3. Hey Michael I'm a long time listener and couldn't help but notice something which I think is the missing piece to the puzzle in regards your haunting case. I grew up with a haunting. We in fact had a demonic haunting, it went on for over 20 years before i finally rid my life of those things once and for all. I also went on to research over 1000 unique cases in order to build up an understanding into why these things happen and what is the cause behind them. The growling in the EVP coupled with the clear evil intent of these unseen forces you experienced should be a clue as to this being caused by demonic forces.

    Having grown up with a demonic haunting and studying many I know their ways very well. They will often masquerade as former occupants in order to lure the unsuspecting into communicating with them but in practically all the cases im aware of these "ghosts", given enough time, turn increasingly violent until its quite apparent they are demonic.

    In your case I suspect the demonic entity was already present prior to those former occupants and was the cause of the fire which killed them. Don't underestimate these things for a moment, they are perfectly capable and quite often do create the chain of events which ultimately ends in the tragic death of an occupant. Not to be underestimated. Very dangerous.

    The reason I say all this is because I finally escaped from the clutches of the demons which plagued my childhood and then my life for over 20 years. After trying and failing at practically every other solution I could think of I finally took the advice of a friend and ordered them away in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and BOOM it worked. The immediate effect was quite literally palpable as a dark cloud lifted from my life.

    I ordered them away every day since that day and asked Jesus into my heart and gave each day thenceforth to the almighty will of God and my life was and has remained utterly transformed. I didn't believe in the whole Jesus business prior to all this and had not even read the Bible but boy do I believe it now and after studying over 1000 unique haunting cases I can say that the only way I've ever seen anyone resolve their case was with the name of Jesus. Made a believer of me did that and after having read the bible I was gobsmacked as to its level of knowledge in regards the demonic forces it took me many hundreds of hours of eyewitness testimony in order to learn about. And that as they say, is that. God bless.

  4. good video i deal with demons and spirits a lot were i live and they dont bug me to much but some times i will get touched or scratched but when 3am to 4:30 im up and hyper and stuff and i can be sleeping up to that point and some times i get up a 2:30 to 5 am and some times i talk to them but most of the time i will get up and watch you tube or something untill 5 and then i go back to sleep and this happens all most every night but no big deal they just come see me and want to talk i have bipolar disorder and adhd and ptsd so im open to all kinds of things i wish some one in my town would take me to a place that has spirits and stuff so i can talk to them and maybe help them cross over well have a good one jim cheal

  5. You hear the man,"dont go to the light!" Ithough all along since i saw those stupid near death experiences shows where they see the light.If you go to the light…ITS ALL OVER,NO SPIRITS,NO REINCARNATIONS.

  6. He called the exterminator because he thought he had mice !! It would be some mouse that can open and close kitchen press doors. Also when they started the fire, if they wanted you dead they would have disconnected the smoke alarm. And if the apartment was sold, who's living in it now ?

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