PARANORMAL WITNESS – “Salt creek Bridge Incident “

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PARANORMAL WITNESS # 1 Austin & The Hanging woman apparation
This is the first of my stories & accounts of real life happenings from individuals who experienced the Supernatural firsthand. The salt creek bridge incident is the story of Austin William’s account of that fateful summer night on July and Experiencing the Hanging woman apparation on Salt creek bridge of wagoner county.


  1. Hi Beee not so much scared really My Grandma really prepared me well as A child on this area She dealt with alot of her childhood …Its more like when you see something like that in your mind your thinking am I seeing what Im seeing its really hard to wrap your natural mind around it…But supernatural experiences never grow old or age its like seeing them yesterday if that makes any sense ttyl ole jeff

  2. I have seen different types of demonic spirits like looking at a person..and glimpses of Good messengers Angels of the Lord and I have seen the Jesus in 1993 He came into my room He is unmistakable… but a veil like a cloudy shower curtain was before us ..didnt see his face as Clear as I would have liked.. I got alot of stories fer sure..I will take a look at Hummel park Thanks Beeee Ole Jeff

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