Paranormal Witness: “The Curse Of Lonergan Farm” Sneak Peek | S3E3 | SYFY

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When three brothers are reunited on the family farm, they’re haunted by an evil ghost, sparking disturbing memories from their childhood of the family boogeyman.
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Don’t watch it alone! Paranormal Witness is an intense, cinematic, high-octane drama-documentary series. The show brings to life the true stories of people who…


  1. uncle will did not like that his great nephew's brought black people on his property and he let them know don't and he let them konw in a scary way don't fuck with me it is a sad situation when racist can carry there hatred into death

  2. What I want to know Is this. I love this series, because more often then not, you can find what these episodes are based upon, as in the real life events of these happenings. More often then not, you can find and confirm them, which makes it even more scary seeing the real life story of it… so, why is it I've not found any other account of lonergan farm apart from paranormal witness?

  3. The trouble is, people are liars. People in this thread – you trust their ghost stories? Even friends, they may lie because people give them attention and go wow cool when they tell a ghost story. And I've watched all if the Paranormal Witnesses because they are fun and well made – but you can tell, most of the real people are just lying – and do some research and you find out many are making money out of those lies too…

  4. So what makes you special then? How come 99.999% of the world's population don't have these experiences? How come not a single serious scientist has ever had a peer reviewed study confirming ghosts?

  5. Again you are using a logical fallacy. Just because you (or anyone) can't explain something doesn't mean it must be paranormal. It just means science hasn't explained it yet.

    You are using logic similar to the God of the gaps fallacy. As for you seeing ghosts, it is far more likely you are just a bit nuts than god exists (or more likely everything you saw is perfectly explainable but you just want to cling to your 'ghosts exist' mentality')

  6. Actually, yes. In fact, ghosts have been confirmed as an 'unknown force', which does mean that it is something invisible, (ghostly spirit), as the subject of an activity occurring that involves unseen activities.

  7. You contradict yourself. You say there are EVP's and video that contain "unexplainable shit" but then imply they are ghosts (which is offering an explanation).

    Firstly if you can't explain something, the best response is "I don't know", and not "It must be ghosts".

    Secondly the picture evidence thing is silly. Camera lenses are not even close to being as good lenses as our eyes yet they always pick up ghosts that no one saw with their eyes. Maybe learn about photographic artifacts first.

  8. I'm not the one to believe in ghost and I never did, but when I saw the first two episodes of this show I still wasn't convinced that ghosts were real. It's still a awesome show to get a good scare out of and those 24 thumbs up show that I'm not the only one that think that

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