PARIS CATACOMBS – Found living and Dead Humans Underground

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Exploring the Paris Catacombs in a way like you’ve never seen. Siya, Louis Cole (Fun for Louis) and Josh (Exploring with Josh) head into the Paris Catacombs and have a true adventure like never before. From seeing both dead and alive bodies, plus so much more.

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  1. Your lucky you didn’t get lost . Always respect where your at man . Lots of respect for you . I would be claustrophobic down there and I’ve always wanted to see and experience the catacombs.

  2. Make no 'bones' about it, nice creepy video !!!
    Want more creepy video stuff check out the Nutty Puddy cave vids. A poor young doctor who went exploring the cave & got stuck in a thing called 'the birth cannale'. He was crawling then suddenly went head first through a hole & just his legs were sticking out. I don't know why they didn't pull him out by the legs. Something about they would break or maybe there wasn't enough room to pull him out.
    I'd rather have broken legs & be out of there but I wouldn't have been there in the first place. Anyway the poor guy was alive & stuck there for hrs hanging up side down.
    People up top were working trying to figure out how to help him. After like 12 hrs or whatever the poor guy had slipped down to the point he could barely breathe & fluid was building up in his lungs. I don't know if they some how stayed in contact with the poor guy till he died or if he died alone.
    He left a mom & dad, a brother & a pregnant wife if I remember right. They sealed the cave & the body is there today. May that man rest in peace.

  3. AT–14:29— The word means CEMATARY.
    There's this Princess Elisabeth Demidoff that died I think in 1888 & there's soposed to be if anyone can stay in that person's mausoleum for eighter 1 week or another story said 1 year then that person (s?) get millions of dollars. I don't believe the story.
    According to the 'will' it's eighter 1 week or 1 year you'd have to be locked up inside that thing. Big difference between 1 WEEK & 1 YEAR !!! They would lock you inside the mausoleum & give you a bucket for waste (your 'bath room') & they'd slip through a hole in the door your 'food'. How do you know they wouldn't just leave you locked inside & forget about you esp. If you were close to 'winning'?! If real wouldn't have someone have won by now?
    I think the relatives did what my sister & step sister did when my mother & step dad died & they changed the 'wills' & took everything not nailed down.
    They will have to go the court soon & then to jail. ? Be careful when a relative dies because that's when the cockroaches come out of the wood work.

  4. There's a sgin down there that in English says, 'Abandon hope all ye that enter here'. If you get lost, your lights go out, a cave in, you meet up with some wacko you've got a big problem.
    They found a cammar that had been dropped on the ground & the tape just showed someone running away, then the cammar rolled till battery died. Don't know it it was a hoax or what? We'll never know if the person seen running away made it out or what had scared that person to drop the cammar & run.

  5. Si vous respectez les morts et j'espère sincèrement à Dieu que vous faites alors s'il vous plaît considérer que la malédiction des catacombes est réelle. Le catacoms restreint n'est pas une attraction touristique! Toutes ces âmes que vous voyez là-bas sont des hommes et des femmes et des enfants et beaucoup d'entre eux sont les victimes qui ont été abattus, battus, affamés pendant la famine et guillotined à mort en Vendée et ailleurs. Beaucoup de ces pauvres âmes ont été noyées dans la Loire et ailleurs, malheureusement tout cela a été perdu. C'est un endroit qui ne devrait pas être dérangé!

  6. Something about catacombs that intrigue me. Dark forgotten places that hold such rich dead history. The paranormal and stories surrounding such a eerie place.

    Cool video ✌ I wish I could see that in Paris.

  7. Paix! Jésus-Christ c'et aime. Almost the end of this video omg many times. So who's your real God?! Mine is Jesus Christ 'n He really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless:D P.s. John/Jean 14:6 please 'n peace/s´il vous plaît et paix. Maranatha!

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