Pasaje Del Terror, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Located in the basement of the Casino Building opposite the main entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach lay some of the scariest horror movie characters waiting for you to visit. With real live actors inside expect big screams from this terrifying attraction!


  1. My dad said he went on this years ago with my uncle and he said they both weren't even scared lol he said they just kept laughin but everyone else was screamin . But the next time i go to blackpool i'm definitly not goin in there im only 11 

  2. I was going to go in this until my mum told me about the exorcist girl, sorry, but no way I am i stepping foot in there if shes there. I'm absolutely terrfied of her. My mums friends who are like 50, went in here and one of them pissed herself because she was that scared and the other one was screaming and crying to get out and actually broke her arm by running into a door hahaha, well I'm gutted but I will not be stepping foot in there.

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