Police release video of mad scramble after gunshot fired

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Raw video: Man found guilty of reckless endangerment for firing shot in New York mall during 2016 Christmas shopping season


  1. If you ever get caught in a shooter situation. USE THIS VIDEO AS A TOOL FOR WHAT TO DO! Those who fell to the ground and froze are the ones who die. Those who run are the ones who live, shots start ringing means get the hell out as fast and calm as you can

  2. Well, I guess that guy with the wife/partner & kid can now be assured that she won't be letting him in the door anytime soon after that gutless display of self preservation.??

  3. nice to see all the men pushing women to floor as they rush to get away. Several of the people who shoved customers out of the way were store employees. I wonder if any lawsuits came about as a result of this nonsense.

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