Preliminary Investigation of Salesian School in Goshen, NY

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NJPR Investigators Mark and Mike conduct an initial site inspection of the historic Salesian School in Goshen, NY for a possible upcoming investigation. The Salesian School was closed in the early 1990’s and has been standing abandoned ever since. There are many rumors of paranormal activity surrounding the school, as well as one confirmed death of a student in 1964.


  1. I was in their summer 2015 and lets just say its terrifying, me and my friends would be on the first floor and we'd take a minute to sit and be quiet and all u would hear were drops of water and the occasional foot steps on the floor above. My one friend hardly ever got bothered by that stuff and he was scared in their and even threw up 1time in there.They are now knocking it down this summer to put in a library which i hope the people building it get spooked and leave i will definitely go to watch them to destroy it tho just to say good bye cause goshen doesn't have cool stuff like this.

  2. They got most of the story wrong including the pronunciation of the name of the school and that the dormitories where torn down, the dorms where on the third floor of that main building. I spent some of my ninth grade there. They should have talked to me. Haha, why would priest try to skip off (6:35).. LOL.. I had an extremely restless night, I could not sleep at all. Someone turned the lights on in the shower room , I looked at the clock it was 3:40 am. I listened to the shower running for a very long time, when it stopped a boy around ten years old walks out into the dorm room, he stands just about fifteen feet from the foot of my bed stops for a moment and looks at me, then turns and walks toward the windows. The window opens and I here crying for just a moment. I stared at that window until sunrise then fell asleep for a short time when I awoke the window was closed , I walked toward the window following a path of still wet footprints. The window sill was wet and the curtains were down in the parking lot.. Im just saying…..

  3. I even heard stories about the mausoleum by the pond when I went there it was used for storage. I heard of strange things in and near the chapel. As for the tower when I was there we were told that it was unsafe to climb (we always asked if we could be taken to the top) I never seen anyone go in it,

  4. I went to day camp there in the early 80's and I heard of the tunnels leading frm the house to the school. When the mansion was razed about 8 years ago no signs of any tunnels were ever found, though the crew tearing down the house did claim to hear screams and breaking glass coming from the opposite end they were working on. There is a cemetery on top of the hill behind the tower, the last burial that I know of was around '83 when one of the Fathers, Father Charles was buried.

  5. I went there for 3 years back in the 60's. This place has alot of stories about it, when I went there it was pretty creepy. The tower was still functional when I was there, but scarey. The big stone mausoleum on the other side of the property was really the scariest place there. I believe it was for the original family. We were told that there were tunnels under it.

  6. The tower was built by the Haight family that built the mansion house. The Haight family had race horses. The tower let them watch the races at the track in town. I am pretty sure the original mansion house is gone. It was located in between the road and the brick builkding in the video. We use to eat our meals in it. The brick building was used for dorms. We each had a bed and a locker in a huge dorm room on the top floor. Cemetery wasn't there when I was there, might just be memorials.

  7. I live in Goshen, I've been in here three times, it is pretty creepy. Btw you guys got some of your facts wrong, it was never proved to be murder.

    The back woods have a lot of interesting stuff too, old cars, church candle holders, bags of clothes etc.

  8. I went into this school earlier this year. It was creepy, while we were all on the first floor we heard a door slam in the upper levels. We then went to the third floor to investigate the noise and we heard what sounded like a block of wood falling and bouncing on the second floor. After we reached the second floor we stood around for a while in the library before we saw what looked like a shadow. After we left the building it looked like someone was watching us from the yard….

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