Real Ghost Caught On Camera ? 5 POLTERGEISTS Caught On Tape

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Top 5 Ghosts Caught on Tape : Poltergeist edition. These are the videos trending now of supposedly real ghosts caught on camera from all over the world. You be the judge.

Supernatural and paranormal activity all caught on tape. Scary videos of supposedly real ghost encounters. Supernatural videos, scary attics, and strange creepy ghost hunters clips. We investigate and provide analysis of…


  1. Yes, I believe.

    I believe because I can feel presences. Not only that but there was a teacher that used to teach at my school who spoke of a blue ball of light they saw while driving one night. My teacher is a very honest and good person and swears on their life that they were not drunk or under the influence of any drugs, and most definitely not tired.

    Yes, I have a mock video on my channel of 'Hauntings At A Suicide' and the events were NOT edited into the video after recording, only the sounds such as music, the scream of the cheesy jump-scare and the creepy child talking (The footstep sounds were made during recording). My brother was indeed dressed up to look like a shadow person wielding a meat cleaver and the movements he made, such as walking towards me, are in fact his own free will and were intentionally not scripted so that there was a sense of fear about it as I did NOT know what he was going to do and when.

    If I am to post future videos of paranormal on my channel, I will make it clear whether or not I fake it.
    I am not one to lie about the paranormal and I very much believe in it. I will NOT go out of my way to make up video and say it's not faked as that's is just misleading. If I do get the chance to post an experience, just be warned that it WILL be very real and not faked. Ask all the questions about it you have, I will have nothing to hide.

    As for the reason I believe, Who would just go out of their way to start all this? No one just wakes up and says 'I'm going to create a video (or idea) that there are invisible (not always) beings that move things around and terrorize people.' (Yea, I suppose it's a good Halloween prank, but still, no one just thinks it up out of nowhere). Something has to happen for it to start. More over, something that happens in different places, can do the same thing or similar and not be linked to the one person who supposedly 'woke up and had an idea' but instead happens to multiple people that do not have a connection to original 'starter'.

    E.G. 1: A poltergeist moves an object in front of someone and then that someone goes and tells people about it. Who is going to believe that one person? No one perhaps.

    E.G. 2: A poltergeist moves an object in front of one person. That person does not say a word and instead brushes it off as the wind. Another person then goes into that room without knowledge and the same thing happens. That person then walks out of that room a little scared but says nothing. The original person asks the second person if that object had moved on its own. The second person admits it did. Those two people then invite more people over to investigate. The same happens and more people are invited to witness and film the incident. This story gets on the internet and online people are concerned as multiple people from different backgrounds and have no connection to one another all experience the same thing. No one can explain it.
    In another country, someone is filming with a phone their new house they just bought to send to their friends. One of their friends responds back to the video and asks who the guest in it was. The OP poster then plays back the video and sees the unexplainable guest that was not there when the video was shot (let's just say this: the video is shot on a phone and OP did not have any software on it or his computer that was capable of adding things like shadows into the video). The video is put on YouTube and it is made clear that no editing was involved.
    A few people who were in the house that the object moved in saw this video and then posted comments about their similar experience.
    Now people from different countries are experiencing different unexplainable things and had no knowledge of each other's experiences until now.
    More and more people from different countries now emerge with experiences of their own and even have photo/video proof of their experiences. Yes, some have been faked and that was proved by experts, but the ones that experts cannot debunked, have sparked a belief that there is more to this world than what meets the eye (in some cases). Objects moving without cause, mysterious sounds that people hear in the walls of their houses, and transparent figures seemingly floating through walls, some figures even accurately recalling specific dates of events years prior and recalling people or past lives that experts found to to exist years ago, things that are not explainable and are not always experienced were given the category 'paranormal'.

    Out of those two examples, which do you follow more?
    I prefer the second one as many people had experiences they remembered and filmed and clearly showed no extra added effects.

    How about events that we've uncovered recently but found to have been created 100's of years ago? Adobe After Effects and Photoshop did not exist then so how were those images created?

    Again, no one just wakes up with an absurd idea that carries on for years and years. Something had to have happened to many people. Same with Religion. I'm not religious myself but no one just wakes up and says 'There's someone out there that did this, some mythical being.' Yea, that's right, it doesn't make sense. But for it to be a thing and carry on for years, something had to have happened. I'm with science on the religion part but I have a firm belief that the paranormal is very real.

    TL;DR: I believe in the paranormal because I can and have my own reasons/experience to back it.

  2. Hell ya. I think there is way too much evidence of the here after not to believe.. like saying, with all the googiling (<-spell check) stars. We r only life in multiverse's. .. u got a shovel, u dig it?. I knew u would, allll right.

  3. So… if They make noises, and move objects? Does a deep growl and snarling sound count, cuz those noises happened last night, again for the third time in a row… and it's not my cat… or any other cats… I used to have a dog but she was taken from me by my stepdad and my cat is a very passive tom, he never growls or snarls… he just.. meows at people and other cats, but another thing about him is that he was sitting on the desk next to my while I was playing Roblox and he just growled… idk where the sound came from but it sounded like it was from inside the house.. and I never ever fricken cried that hard before…

  4. I deffinetly believe in ghost we have a child's head stone in our yard and we have things in our house happening all the time here including shadow people but we do like our house so not moving

  5. I remember this one time where I had heard very loud banging against my door, (I live in a spare room in the garage, so I was really freaked out) it was pretty late at night and it went on for quite a while, I was really scared because I had no means to defend myself and I knew that it couldn't of been any of my family members since they just barge in my room. After some time had passed, I gained just enough courage to investigate the noise and as it turned out it was one of my epileptic dogs having a seizure against my door…. 🙁

  6. Yes I believe in ghosts although I have never seen or experienced a ghost. I believe 4 friends telling me they saw 4 ghosts (people) with early American atire on in an old indian graveyard. Location was in Allen Oklahoma, they were using a metal detector and when the metal detector peeked out to a high pitching sound they appeared. The sister was so frightened she ran to the car. 2 of the brothers started walking away and the other brother approached them walking through them. They saw no feet and the ghosts just stood and stared. The man was holding a musket with buckskin clothing, the little boy had buckskin clothing too and the woman and little girl had bonnets and long dresses on. They went back to their car, drove to the end of the road where it curves, turned around and drove back by the cemetary and the ghosts had moved to the fence and watched them as they drove by! This was in the daytime in the fall of the year. Yes I believe them. I have gone there but didn't have a metal detector or an instrument that could make that pitching sound, I saw nothing though just real Old tall rock headstones writings barely ledgeable.

  7. Jesus that Yorkshire one was freaky (harder to fake back then too) and the attic one! The noises alone would scare the hell out of me because I’d think an intruder was up there, let alone something paranormal!!

  8. Answer to Question "Do you believe in ghosts?"
    My reason is cause I was possessed and also have seen a ghost. If you want to know my story to both of those. Let me know :3

  9. I grew up in a house in a neighborhood that was built over a cemetery. Not all of the buried were exhumed and my dad found out, after some pretty weird, but not threatening things that happened in the house, that our home still had 7 "residents" underneath it. Come to the present; my older brother died in my home in 2000. There have been times where I have felt a presence, but never felt threatened. I really would not know how to be if I did NOT live in a house with friendly "roomies". I have never been really scared, just curious and I speak no ill of any dead.

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