Real Ghost Caught On Camera? 5 Strange SCARY Videos

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In this Top 5 list, we count down scary videos of allegedly real ghosts caught on tape. Real videos from people who claim to have had strange real ghost sightings and supernatural encounters in real life, and more importantly – caught on camera.

This list includes everything from a two British ghost hunters who catch a ghost woman in a window, to evidence of a spirit on a haunted road on CCTV…


  1. YOu Should check out the 8-part, series of full-length features on Amazon Prime, made by Prozak. A Flint Mich. rapper/film maker/ghost hunter. He's documented a literal ton of odd occurrences. Many are in-your-face, freaky as hell, sightings. I've wondered why the guy was so much more successful than all of the other ghost hunting shows combined. [I've yet to see anyone claim that he's faking anything]He doesn't just spend a few hours of one night. He'll stay at a location for days. Sometimes returning to stay a few more nights. Check him out. His name is Prozak and his movies are entitled 'a haunting in/at….'

  2. that is most likely a demon, a spirit, or a wisp. they are all very angry things. wisps are more gentle. spirits can be angry. demons, well…. ya dont want to encounter those…. they are evil… some can be nice but most are pure evil. dont get possessed by them.

  3. GHOSTS? Apparently ghosts are afraid of us or they'd make themselves more visible, right ?  What's the big deal-show yourself silly!  I hear melodies when there's no one there; but this guy can't even carry a tune-Not a ghost-a bad bass singer and they could do allot better by clanging empty wooden hangers to keep my attention! Nice equipment though, are you using Audacity's Sound Wavs?

  4. ''OMG the doors on that taxi opened by themself it must have been that ghost.'' well Japan has next level Taxi's where the driver opens the door for you by pushing the button. It's rude if you open door by yourself.

  5. Ill try to translate the Japanese flicker
    Right there
    A second ago
    Wait be careful
    I dont know what it is
    Theres nothing
    Are you sure you saw something
    I swear
    Are you sure
    I am sure
    Lets just go

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