Real Ghost Videos! – Darkness Prevails

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  1. You can't always say video footage of ghosts is proof anymore. There are so many channels on YT that upload laughably doctored footage that is really hard to believe. Even the poltergeist ones throwing stuff around could easily be faked. Some seem convincing but still not 100%

  2. the first clip, it looks like the image of the "ghost" exists on its own layer and seems not to go through the car fully but exist "over" it faintly like a transposed and adjusted image or special effect. the second clip, every event takes place one at a time and not all at the same time so potentially it could have been done by very few or even one person. each event was of something physical being moved, each moving object had an opening and or space behind it such as a window that appears it may even be fully opened and not closed, or a room from wich only a crack or small hole would be needed to put something through to push the papers and lockers and rock them easily, and the door would be easy to open and close, it wouldnt have to latch close each time, from this distance you wouldnt be able to tell, and a single wire or sheet of non reflective plastic would be enough to knock or flip a wet floor sign. then we come to the camera, oddly enough the camera is a few feet away from the ceiling instead of being mounted on the ceiling or on the wall just below it wich is almost unheard of, then take into account that security systems with cameras normally record date and time and in the more extravagant cases the designation of the room the camera is placed in, but this camera only lists a date and an acronym title of wich school and what it is looking at instead of calling it a corridor or (name)hall. how did the public get hold of the footage as well, most schools have no night guard or watch and even if they did they likely have no live camera feed room but instead a network system that records the camera feed for a set time period and you would have to access it manually to bring it up onscreen and unless a crime takes place or an emergency happens the footage is never seen by anyone unless someone like the principal decides to access the live feed wich is live and not the night before. even if someone reported possible trespassing and it got looked into then its extremely unlikely the footage would be shared because everyone would know who shared it and student privacy and school security video cameras being a hot button in some places i doubt someone would risk burning current and future career opportunities risking it. given all this evidence alone it is fair to say this clip is entirely staged. at most someone trespassed, set up a camera set to pretend like its a security camera but in fact was their own camera, they set up their stuff, hit record, played out the events, packed up and left, released the footage, done. at funniest someone broke into a school to stage some stuff and a rube principal fell for it and released the video

  3. I'm a Christian and believe "ghosts" are just demons trying to deceive. But that doesn't stop me from theorizing: 1. Perhaps people from a parallel universe, and there's some sort of "glitch" between worlds? 2. Glitch in the Matrix? 3. Einstein was right, and time is an illusion. All time is happening simaltaneously, so we are literally seeing the past happen. Similar to theory 1, but in same universe, kind of. 4. ALIENS 5. Holograms! (Idk) 6. People astral projecting 7. Beings in a different dimension, but we can only perceive them with our eyes in a certain way. (I don't believe any of these theories, but fun to think about anyway) What're your guys theories?

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