Real Ghost Voices Recorded Inside Of The Old Joliet State Prison

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John of IPRAstrong was location scouting for our new upcoming episode when he began to feel the presence of spirits around him. He pulled out his spirit box and performed a quick ghost box session. He also recorded spirits whispering and captured an EVP

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  1. I live in Joliet, IL, and every single time that my husband and myself pass the old Joliet Prison, I get the feeling that there are spirits roaming the yard.
    I'm a sensitive and have been for the past 45 years, and I've been to many, many places in which it has been haunted. Many years ago — 12 years to be exact — my husband and myself went to go look at a home about an hour to two hours away from Chicago, and this house was in farm country. The house had been built in the late 1800s, and was a bit small, but very homey. When we walked in the house, I was hit hard with a lot of spiritual energy. The lady of the house was out, and we were shown the house by a realtor, and she didn't go through the house with us, she basically sat at a small kitchen table, so we were left to explore the house on our own. As we walked up the narrow staircase, I felt a woman's spirit watching us, taking us in, and seeing where we were going. She spoke to me and said that she had been killed on the staircase. I looked at my husband, and he saw the look on my face, and he asked me what was wrong, and I told him that a woman had been killed on the staircase. There were 3 small bedrooms, and 1 bathroom, which was very small too. We proceeded to walk into the master bedroom, and I saw this woman sitting on the bed, holding her stomach, and crying. She — this spirit — told me that she had a miscarriage, and her husband was very upset with her because of it. He had blamed her for her losing their baby by saying that she didn't want the baby, and he then accused her of having an affair and that's why God had punished her with the miscarriage. Soon after, she had "fallen" down the stairs, and her neck broke instantly. She wasn't malevolent, but very loving, caring, religious, compassionate, and loved children. She asked me if we had children, which I replied that I couldn't have any, because I had severe endometriosis, and my uterus was inhospitable ( which was why I couldn't carry my 2 babies past 3 and a half months ), and she had gotten up from the bed and gave me a hug.
    She warned me about the basement, and she told me to be careful walking down those stairs, and thank God I listened, because I came very close of falling down those stairs, because they were steep and narrow. The basement had this energy of sorrow, anger, and protective of whatever was down there. There was this very small cubbyhole to the right of the stairs, and I saw caskets being laid there. I didn't know what was that purpose, and when I walked up to it, I was pushed back. That was when I heard a man's voice telling me to get out, and I wasn't welcomed because, according to this male spirit, since I was able to see, feel, hear and smell the spirits, I must've been worshipping the devil, which is furthest from the truth, and I told him that. I told him that I wholeheartedly believe in God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Archangels, the Saints, all of the angels in Heaven, and, of course, my Guardian Angel. I also informed him that I also wholeheartedly believe in Karma, as well as my husband. He said that all women are witches and should burn for our "sins", which he never explained what he had meant by that.I also got the feeling of us being watched by little children; they were curious about who we were, why we were there, and why were we looking all over their house.
    As our tour of the house drew to a close, we had decided that we wanted it. However, the realtor was very shady by informing us that we needed to have someone write us a bogus check — something that she could show her boss that we had the necessary funds, but she wouldn't cash it. As we had the funds to put down on the house, we wouldn't do what she had asked, so she called us 3 days before we were to close on the house, and she had upped the closing costs an additional $5,000, which we didn't have. The owners had told her that they would pay the closing costs, because they just wanted to sell it, because they already had another house built and paid for, but this realtor us to come up with the additional $5,000, or we could have someone write that bogus check. We wasn't going to do that because it didn't sound right, and we called the realtor she was working for and asked him why is she pushing us for the bogus check, and why — after the owner and ourselves signed the contract locking us in the $1,000 down payment, and the owners paying for all the closing costs — was she breaching the contract that had already been signed by all parties, and all he did was hang up on us. Sadly, we didn't get the house.

  2. Hey love your guy's vids keep em up, just had a suggestion for your next investigation its a n old bar in Thornton, IL where al capone had been. There are tunnels under the bar that could lead you to the man himself.

  3. oooohh mannn!!! I've got so many chills right now going on. Wow that is insane! We recently just moved into a house and within an hour of being here I saw multiple dark shadows walking around and and an actual full on apparition. Might need to do my own little investigation. I've always imagined myself being scared if I ever experienced the paranormal but I was just like oh…. ok i think i just saw a ghost… COOL!!! haha. 🙂

  4. I love you guys and your commitments to investigate, it always shows amazing results and awesome proof, turned me from a skeptic into a believer a long time ago and prompted me to find a group and do investigations as well, keep it up and God bless

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