REAL HAUNTING (FULL EPISODE) A Mother left devistated after a ghost (The Supernatural Files)

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Haunted emergency see a mother devastated after seeing a ghost coming down her stairs. True life events filmed on the fly. Prior to calling Don Philips out they had a local team visit. The medium informed the already nervous mother that a gentleman had hung himself in the house. This information is rumoured locally and well know.
it was one night the mother saw a full apparition of a female…


  1. I truly saw a black shadow entity appear right in front of me, now I hate seeing shadows. I hate when ppl lie about this stuff as it hurts those of us who are telling the truth. I shared one of my stories in another comment. Can you please listen to the EVP I picked up, note I wasn't trying to capture them. Be safe

  2. Hi guys, just want to share my Ouija board experience that went wrong a week after. Be careful with the Ouija board, back in 2001 my twin daughters called me from their friend's house and told me they were talking to my mom, I told them to come home and show me. They messed with the board and nothing happened. About a week later during the day I put a cd in my stereo and was talking on the phone and the volume was turned all the way up on my stereo I thought my kids came home and were messing with me so I checked the house but I was the only one home. I felt fear turned the stereo off ran to the opposite end of the house called my daughters and right in front of me appeared this black shadow figure with no facial features, it startled me then it was gone. I have had other experiences and whats strange since that encounter my health went downhill bad. I am now disabled and have been bedridden for 7 plus yrs. I often wonder where that shadow went and I've heard stories that ppl got very ill after seeing one of these shadow figures, I believe it was a demon. Stay safe ?I have also picked up EVP in the past few months while making vids for youtube, I wasn't trying to capture anything, one sounds like a woman's voice, a male voice and strange non-human noises plus tapping. If someone can help me out I would appreciate it, I uploaded the Evp they may be hard to hear so listen a few times with headphones.

  3. I just needed to tell you that this is the BEST paranormal program that I have EVER seen!! You sir are an AMAZING investigator!! I want to see every one of your investigations and I will tell EVERYONE that will listen about this program!!!!!

  4. Hmm what seems suspicious to me is the fat that she seems to be living alone . So the questioned I would ask is if she is financially okay. Could she be emotional because it's a lie and its eating her up? Is her rent being paid.? I mean with kids and all I imagine that could be hard by yourself . So could this be a way to leave the house with saving face? Where is the man of the house? Hmm

  5. i live in rented property and since starting watching ghost programmes i dread moving into new places incase i pick a haunted home . is there any warning signs to look out for when viewing a potential new home ?

  6. It is a good show, I just have a hard time understanding him! I noticed the lady from The most Haunted slows down and enunciates ger words. But when she gets excited reverts back to talking like this guy! Maybe I just need to drink more when I watch this! LOL

  7. Why do you break every rule when it comes to a … so called… NO FAKE ZONE. I dont understand why with attempted EVP sessions you only press record AFTER you ask a question and not have it on the recording preceding any so called ACTUAL LEGIT … EVPs. Its a basic yet imperative step that is NEEDED to disprove any pre recorded hoaxing especially when its still very hard to debunk and conclude without any room for human AND recorded error accidental or intentional to be any… class A…EVPs.

  8. The only way to help this woman is for her to find Jesus and to cast out the demon in the name of Jesus! There are no such thing as ghosts just demons pretending to be ghosts! I will be praying for this woman and her family!

  9. Hi Don, I've just found your channel. 🙂 And i must say that you explain what you do very well, also a great job you are doing helping people out, Definitely liked and subscribed Keep up the good work and i look forward to watching more of your vids, thank you Paul…. West Mids

  10. I loved how you handled this case. This is the first I've seen of your work and I really enjoyed this episode! I honestly couldn't tell if this was a TV show or not so I'm really impressed to learn you are an individual making your own and working towards establishing an audience. Definitely liked and subscribed this and will go on and probe your channel further. Great job!

  11. This guy is great-I really like how he is just straight up with the ppl rather than making promises no1 can keep in this field.I have a number of spirits in my home, at least 2 males and a female.One of the males truly hates me, but other than evp's they dont seem to be able to do anything.

  12. You get some good EVPs, Don, and they (whatever they are) do seem eager to communicate through audio devices. However, how come they don't show themselves to you as apparitions, like they did with the tenant of the house? Just seems peculiar to me how they choose to remain out of sight but communicate a lot through dictaphones…

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