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Today OmarGoshTV drained his pool to find a HUGE pond monster that must have made it his home for quite sometime. We had to call the experts to help us capture this pond monster living in Omar’s pool. We did not know an alligator was the pond monster aka #poolmonster so thank goodness the professionals came out to help us capture the monster in our pool. Thank you for watching our family…


  1. Ok Savanna is a straight G for that, I'll walk down dark alleys in the middle of the night with killers waitin for trouble but you won't ever catch me in a pool with a damn dinosaur. And she's HAWT!

  2. I just knew there was a gator in there but it couldn’t be seen in all of that gunk. So all of that nasty water and gator poo is in your back yard now? That can’t be healthy for your dogs.

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