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I summon a real succubus and attempt to get naughty with it, the paranormal activity was insane here, and what we captured at the ancient ram should blow minds!! subscribe and like if you haven’t, and be sure to check out north Cornwall paranormal on YouTube!


  1. if you wanna prove something then film så everyone can see what happens, to many times with phone and its shitty every time. every time some one wanna prove aliens ghost or something in that way its shitty camera shaking or just shit ! goddamn so stupid

  2. You kids have no clue what your getting yourselves into! You think it’s a big joke, but I’m curious to see what happens to you playing around with this stuff!!! You made a comment saying it couldn’t do anything to you! Are you serious ?????

  3. Succubus/incubus were explanations by the Church for lustful dreams but telekinetic have been trained militarily if you take Xanax this mysterious shit stops, because their telekinetic can't electrically project to the CNS. I know, just try it, it works.

  4. Isn't it funny how most of vids like this are trying to contact "spirits", as in things that us people ourselves have made up? If there is something unprovable out there, it really isn't written in some old sh*t paper. Example: nothing says that a ghost can't appear in a camera footage if we can still see it, it should be both or neither. Why am I even trying to write this here?

  5. @About 9:50, on slowest playback speed….there is a demonic face directly above the hand holding the camera. As you pan away, the face becomes part of something setting on the shelf. @ 10:36 as the meter goes off, there is a dark shape on the pants…it appears to be up on all fours, with the head right above your lap, but it's too blurry from movement to see details. Be careful what you wish for!

  6. Playing around with kingdom of darkness is not to smart . If your not saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Demons do not have to obey you. They only obey the name of Jesus and you have to accept Jesus as your lord and savior and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Please read your bibles people. And there's no such thing as good demons and bad demons all those Spirits or evil demons. If you read your Bibles you would know. Jesus said the dead or dead they know nothing. They are not wandering around lost they are dead they are asleep in the grave you are playing around with demons. Ecclesiastes 9:5

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