Real Vampires Kill Man in Texas (Explicit Language and Content)

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This video footage comes from a cell phone found in central Texas near a popular water park. Before being attacked by a zombie like creature in his car, the man managed to capture video of the abduction and subsequent murder of a man who was apprehended by the vigilante Vampyre clan as he was beating his girlfriend in the parking lot of a suspected Vampire run bar in San Marcos, Texas.


  1. Nice video, but I have to call Bullsh*t, on the grounds that anybody truly in fear for their life would've stopped narrating aloud after they were spotted by the "vampires". You wouldn't give away your position with all that noise (repeatedly saying aloud that they saw you, keys jingling the entire time you're running, stating aloud the spot in which you're hiding, etc.) in a real "life or death" situation; not if you have any survival instincts whatsoever. But, again, nice video.

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