Rebecca Black – Friday

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This is the one and only official version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video.

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Rebecca Renee Black (born June 21, 1997) is an American…


  1. At 13, she made a song that has over 100 Mil views on Youtube, wonder what the 3.2 million dislikers were doing at 13. Consider the fact that it was one of her first songs, and leave out this unnecessary hate.

  2. Oh, the terrible joys of Friday! Rebecca Black, purest priestess of the chillaxing pre-weekend party! Come, bestow upon us the wisdom of the Order of Days, the Making of Breakfast, and Choice of Seats! And we, the Faithful of Nox, will celebrate thy blackest light unto the End of the Week!

    Gather we now to muster our voices in the cry of the Friends of Rebecca!


  3. Being a 28 year old dude whose predominately into metal, hardcore and underground rap, I still have tons of pop, electro-pop & poppy sounding indie bands/artists that I'm into. This song though…is just plain bad. Repetitive lyrics and generic beats, fine by me if the song comes together and sounds good. This song does not come together nor does it sound good in my opinion. Pop songs should give you a cheesy feel good mood but I find this song to be very boring and pretty annoying as well. I'm not just saying this as a metal head hating on pop music. For fucks sake Taylor Swift and Of Monsters and Men are near the top of my favorite pop acts and I blast that shit regularly in the car and at home. I LOVE me a good pop song that makes me dance around my room badly while also singing along, badly. Gives you the good feels. This song gives me boredom. I don't even have a clue why I'm actually leaving a comment on this to be honest. I've heard the song before in pieces on the radio and knew it gets a lot of hate, so tonight I decided to put it on and give it an honest listen the whole way through. I can honestly now see why 3.3 million people agree with me lol. That means that nearly 3% of all people who've watched this instantly smashed that dislike button. It can only be assumed that several hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions couldn't even click the dislike because of the tremendous speed at which they hit the 'youtube' home button. But hey, Friday is only an hour & a half away for me so there's a chance that if I listen to it then, it will all make sense and I'll have to eat my words. I will keep you all updated on my experiment.

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