Richard Hammond crash | hillclimb Hemberg 2017 | original video

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Ex Top Gear driver Richard Hammond crashed with the Rimac Concept One S at the hillclimb Hemberg in Switzerland

uploadet at June 10, 2017 at 17:45


  1. Think what we are all forgetting about racing is, your going to crash, just depends on when and how! He’s a really good driver, I’ve been at events when he was racing at them. Shit happens lol. Not sure why everyone is so into speculating haha

  2. i´ve never driven a car, but even playing RR3 and NFS for years tells me there is no way in hell you could make that turn at those speeds, maybe with a Formula 1 car or similar, in top of that, is a concept, AND he didnt had those speeds at previouse turns, so is just his fault, AGAIN

  3. sooo fake, why the camera look away at the impact then turns back just in time to see it burning… hammond surely wouldn't survived a crash like that, if it was up in flames. Which brings me to another recognition, foggy distant pictures and video; this video screams fake news!

  4. Hammond scoffed at the idea that some magazine printed an article saying this wouldn't have happened to a professional but if you watch the video he has lost the back end on the right turn before the left. If you watch any formula1 driver if they lose the back end or they lock up before the turn they straighten the car up and don't even attempt to make the turn, they just drive straight into the gravel. If he had good reactions and knew what he was doing he would have straightened the car up and just went straight onwards, if he had done this he would have been able to stop the car safely without rolling it. Instead he tried to make a turn he had zero chance of making and the rest is history.

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