Scared Mum Sees ‘Ghost’ on Baby Monitor (Storyful, Crazy)

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Jade had only lived in her Barongarook home for a year when a close encounter with an apparent ghost made her sleep a little more restless. She was watching her daughter Ruby sleeping peacefully through the baby monitor when the shadowy figure appeared on the screen. Jade later said the door was shut and nobody else was inside, so if you didn’t believe in the paranormal before, it might be…


  1. I was creeped out at first but then I started thinking its probably a light from the street reflecting onto the windows and into the bedroom. You know like when you're in bed a night and a car goes by and you see the lights curve around your bedroom walls? Well I reckon it's probably something like that.

  2. mmmhmmm.
    its a helium baloon, one of those shiney foil ones, probably a disney character, something you'd find in a baby's room.
    what you're seeing is the light from the infrared being reflected off the balloon back into the camera creating a lens flare

    the baloon is just swaying in the wind probably from floor vents, central air or maybe a ceiling fan.

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