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Pork is quick and easy to cook when done properly! We show you the right way to cook pork! For more information on Pork and some recipes visit
Thank you to The National Pork Board for sponsoring today’s video.

Today we cook dinner together as a family and then head to a Haunted House to see who gets the most scared!

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  1. I went to a haunted house once and will never go again I cried. There was one point we had to crawl across the floor and couldn't see anything I kept grabbing my mom's foot and almost pulled her shoe off. My uncle went to a more scary one and got peed on by a girl.

  2. NEVER RINSE YOUR MEAT. You can spread germs to all your dishes and other foods around the meat that could make others sick. When you cook the meat or grill or whatever it kills the bacteria.

  3. Candi I loved your curls in this video! Cute ? my son has been working at a haunted house all month last night was the last day. He's had all kinda lines to say & costumes to scare people but he doesn't scary movies ? he refused to see Halloween with us ?

  4. no offense but how the hell can people eat pork, ham, ribs, and bacon like pigs are just nasty animals who roll around in mud and eat the mud and their poop like don't come for me but that's my own opinion….

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