Scariest Abandoned Communities in America

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6. Dudleytown

Back in the infancy of our country Dudleytown was a small settlement in Cornwall, Connecticut. The Dudley family owned the land, but never turned the area into an official town. For decades they allowed others to settle on their plot. Unfortunately for those trying to…


  1. On number 7, if no one owns the property of Glen Rio/Rock Island, then I would so get those abandoned cars and make them into awesome vehicles, as no one else owns them.

  2. Hate vids that develop slow as far as content , and intent of message , but why would u post anything when u r spun tighter than a top? Thanks for being fast , but most of us left before u were finished

  3. This land belong to any an everyone who is born to this life. man didn’t build grass ,a sky,nor Air,so when did this sky,grass, air an dirt become owned by only a few…get real they wanna control us basically treating humankind as puppets an made law to subdue when you go against privilege they set for thou

  4. You forgot to mention Bodie California's curse. If you take ANYTHING from the town (even if it's something like a shard of glass) you will be cursed with bad luck until it is returned. And this is a curse that you don't want to fuck with. Some people have died because they, or people close to them, haven't returned the item.

  5. When you go through these lists it gives you an idea of how vast the US is in land mass. Lucky for us because the generations before us left poisonous mountains lying around for us to trip over. 🙁

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