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  1. I'm with Loey when it comes to the close family spirits. My uncle died in a horrific manner around 20 years ago. Shortly after, something tried to possess my dad (my mom saw this happen) and my uncle's spirit, his brother, actually went inside my dad and forced whatever it was out of him. To this day, my uncle's spirit is still with us. His cologne will engulf you along with a warm, calm energy. When I was being haunted by something truly malicious, he saved me from whatever and helped point me in the right direction to banish the negative spirit. I actually shared this method a couple weeks ago in a video on here because it worked so well and even mentioned I'll only banish negative spirits because I want my uncle to remain as long as he feels is needed.

  2. My Mamar (maternal grandmother) was pretty much my mum until I was about 7.

    My parents lived in a 2 bed flat (apartment) when I was 4 they had my sister (2) and my twin brothers were new borns. The flat was so busy and Mum was struggling with the 2 new babies.

    So at some point my Mamar took me to take some pressure off Mum. My dad was in the Navy and often away.

    My Mamar was everything to me, all of mums siblings were like siblings to me, I grew up with my aunts being my big sisters… I adored them.

    Mamar took me to my first school day, most of my milestones were with her.

    Then one day she died, just literally collapsed and was gone. Turned out to be thrombosis, she’d died from a blood clot that traveled to her heart.

    I tell you all of that to explain how close we were, I was about 7, my world literally shattered. I cried every single day for about 6 months. I couldn’t sleep without my story from my Mamar.

    my dad had left the navy now and had a desk job, my parents moved to a 3 bed house and I went home, but it always felt weird, it wasn’t home for me.

    I started to run away, mostly I went to my grandparents home, it was in the same village, but i had to cross a super busy road. When I realised they knew I’d always run there. So I ran to the cemetery. I had not been allowed at the funeral (mums stupid idea) but I found her, I knew where she was and I went there and sat with her.

    They found me because grandad let his dogs out, these were huge Irish wolf hounds, I LOVED those dogs. I still miss them. Of course the dogs found me, apparently they just literally headed to the cemetery as though they were told where I was.

    After several times of doing this my family had to have an intervention, the really busy road was being widened, it literally runs through the village, cutting the village in half. To this day that road is a nightmare to cross.

    So I was told I was NEVER to cross that road ever, unless I was with an adult.

    I went to bed that night and cried that I’d now never be able to see my Mamar…

    That night, I laid in bed and I smelled mint, it reminded me of the mints my Mamar would always have in her pockets.

    I felt someone stroking my forehead and speaking to me very softly. It was her! She reiterated that I MUST NOT cross that road and that she would come to me.

    She said she would come to me at night, and she did! She read to me, we chatted and she explained death as not actually being gone, she only travelled to somewhere else.

    I’m 48 now, and she still comes to see me, just not every night. she told me my college bf was a waste of time, and he was. When I met my husband, she popped in and said she game him my blessing, she loved him. I’d been with him a month when she said “you’re going to marry him my girl…”

    Now she comes when I want her to. She doesn’t just turn up, she comes when I ask her to. Or if she sees me in distress.

    I’ve seen other spirits, some sinister, but I always know it’s my Mamar, because of her scent, it always arrives first, it’s like her knocking on the door before entering.

  3. I think our house is hunted I've never seen a ghost but I had some experiments one of them when I was little I was about 5 years old , my mom gave birth to my little brother and when she came back home from the hospital she bought me a doll which she had pink hair and she was wearing pink dress I had a book shelves the doll was always on top of it sometimes at night I would look at her and she would blink ( btw her eyes were painted ) and once my cousins came over and saw her blink and they ran away but some how I felt comfortable with her being hunted and about 4 years ago we started building and we had must of our stuff on the roof so we took it to the house down ( my house was 2 floors so we lived in the second floor but the first floor is not done yet even right now so we used it as a place to put all the stuff that we need but there is no space for it in our house there .) So one of the boxes had my hunted doll but I didn't know so when ever I go or pass by the first floor at night I would feel bad energy there and I start running when I ever pass there but the last month we were cleaning the first floor and I found my hunted doll and I took her to my room and know I don't feel that there is bad energy or something watching me but I feel that there is something watching me in my room now ? also 2 years ago I heard foot steps at the stairs that sounded like my moms foot steps and when I went to check 'cause I thought my mom came home nobody was there so I went back to my room and I heard another foot steps in the back yard I also remember that I saw something at my grandpas house that was maybe 1 or 2 years ago we were playing hide and seek and I was counting everybody was in the front yard and nobody was up at my grandpas house so I found my brother then I look up at my grandpas house I saw a black figure I only saw the head but when I looked the figure tried to hide so I thought my cousin was there since the figure had a small head and my cousin is so tiny so I go up there and I don't find anyone there so I come back down then I see the figure again up there so I ignore it then we played again but this time I'm hiding and someone else counting so the person who counts start searching and blah and then he tells me he saw the same figure and I was afraid to go visit grandpa at night..

  4. When Loey said about Animals i thought about something that happened to me. I was sitting in my room watching a movie and my dog started staring at this one side of my room, just staring. Nothing but staring. A second later the lights started to flicker and my dog ran. I started to pray silently to my guardian angel, just asking to be protected, once i had finished and my dog came back in i felt A LOT safer. So i went onto Pintrest and the very first picture i saw was one that had really pretty clouds on and underneath it said "You'll always be protected."

  5. I gotta tell you about the time my tv in my bedroom would turn on, on it’s own, but it would be the black and white fuzzy ugly sounding channel. I woke up for a week straight, in the morning no specific timing and my tv would be on the fuzzy channel. I didn’t tell any of my family members until I got real scared about 7 days after it continuously kept happening because I honestly thought it was my brother or dad because they know I hated looking at the tv when it was black and white. I ended up telling my dad basically telling him to stop turning on my tv in the morning and he was really confused to what I was telling him and he had to tell me calmly that it wasn’t him or my brother. At that point I had tears in my eyes and was scared shitless lol. My dad ended up telling my mum and my mum got someone to come to our house to get it “cleansed” I’m aboriginal and very into my culture so this is all real to me. The person who came to sage and brush my house off ended up going into my room. Which really made me uneasy cause he knew something was happening in my room. So the man is now cleansing my room and he picks up a stick that I had found and used while hiking a mountain not too far from my house and asks me where I got it. I literally picked it up off the ground somewhere in the mountain and took it home cause it was a good hiking stick lol. The man didn’t say much about the stick but he asked if he could take it because he had feelings that it wasn’t good to keep in my room, so he needing up taking it with him when he left and after that day it just stopped. I didn’t ever wake up from my tv being on the fuzzy channel again haha but telling or thinking about this and what happened always freaks me out

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