Scary Ghost Stories That Don’t Add Up

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Scary Ghost Stories That Don’t Add Up. There’s nothing quite like hearing ghost stories late at night, huddled around a campfire. Such terrifying tales will make your blood run cold! Side benefit: they might also help you with your math homework.


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  1. I've got a real scary one: One day, a happy ol' farmer was collecting a good season's harvest, when he overheard a few of his neighbours talkin' about how the Ghost of Manesville was back and more powerful than ever. Well he had many names… But all the stories about him told that he would sneak up at night and destroy his victim's brain within hours by uttering a simple sentence. No one actually knew what he said each night… And no one wanted to. Next night, as the farmer slowly drifted into his sleep, The Ghost appeared from nowhere and whispered in his ear: What is 0 divided by 0? That ol' farmer was found dead next morning…

  2. one day, sky was outside, and she saw 0 black cats. feeling mighty normal she went inside and saw 1 black cat. how many cats did she see in total?

    my cat does not approve of this comment.

  3. Once apon a time… there was two men. One was named Peter Petigrew, and the other was named Sirius Black. If Peter Petigrew killed thirteen people, and framed Sirius Black, and cut off a finger, how many fingers were lost in all?

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