Scary Sh*t!!! Do You Believe In Ghosts?

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You just might after watching this. A Ghost scares the shit out of this guy.


  1. ghost are fake if sometimes you scared there no ghost it just your blood play with you .. all the movie about ghost are fake i believe in bible in god jesus christ.. ghost are fake,, i don't believe in them ..

  2. Mass hysteria and hoaxes and people scaring themselves over nothing obscures the small number of genuinely inexplicable cases. I'd say 98% of ghost cases are hoaxes or mis ID's. I am inclined to view 'real' ghosts as some form of energy field that imprints itself on structures and 'replays' itself like…a DVD…every time the conditions are right. Spirits of the dead? Not likely. But unlike smug skeptics who wrongly think they know better than others, I'm not going to rule it out entirely.

  3. @mkoaah crazy but then i play a while untill 5 minuts lather i herd somewone who ran up the stairs i thought i shit we got a theef in the hous i got a metal stick and ran up the stairs and i herd this wierd noise from my sissters room like somewone was moving somthing i ran in there nope the sound stoped i herd a noise from the toilet i walkt slowly and fucking creept out when i opend the door the noise stoped and then it sounds like somewone opend my kitchen door to my garden and ran outside

  4. @mkoaah Well u can speend a whole day and night no no make it 2 days in my hous alone the last thing i rememberd that relly fucking freaked me out was that i herd somewone come in to my hous close the door and he said "Hey im home" and he said it relly lout i thought it was my brother i went over to the living room to say helo but no nowhones there the sound stopt when i was in the living room… I wan't back to my computer and i was not scared yet i was comfused i thought i was going

  5. lol gosh he finally realize something was going on, he got scare and ran off. As soon i had to go there twice to pick it up or even the third time i would had notice something is wrong or something paranormal going on………but i like this video.

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