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  1. Thanks for updating the video. I made a comment on Vlad's site about the cost variation between full auto and semi auto and of course got blasted by those that don't know what they are talking about. One big problem is there is too much focus on illegal gun ownership and not that of legal gun owners.

  2. I hate when people say the AR is Barbie doll of the gun world. It's Not it's more like the LEGO or erector set. Barbie has accessories but is not modular in construction or function Lego is.

  3. Just saw you on Tucker last night (nov 19th) and came to find you online right away. We need more brothers like you, willing to go against the grain and think for themselves rather than vote based purely on what they've been told since they were born or by ignorant celebrity NPCs who repeat the same fashionable virtue signaling lines over and over.

    I'm glad you aren't afraid to admit you voted for Trump. Keep up the good work and truly opening peoples eyes with common sense.

  4. The NRA(back in Regans time in California) were actually gun control advocates. Enter the Mulford act in response to those scary Black Panthers exercising their right. NRA advocated for the ban of open carry in california UNTIL it started messing with the white gun owners rights(majority of NRA at the time) so then the NRA had no choice but to include everyone of all colors and backgrounds to save itself because of course, they couldn’t advocate gun control to ONLY blacks, that would be racist now would it?

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