Some Job Corp centers full of violence, drugs and fraud

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The federal Job Corps program has been around for 50 years, providing training and education to teens and young adults. A CBS News investigation raises serious questions over how well some Job Corps centers are doing. Anna Werner reports.


  1. I went to the Tulsa Job Corps in Oklahoma's in 2014-2015. it wasn't bad, there were some drugs on campus but mostly cigarettes. The rules were stick but we had 3 meals a day and a night snack every day, we went to the movies, bowling, theme parks and got paid an allowance weekly. Everything we needed was provided and it was free. there are worse situations to be worried about, move on.

  2. I'm at the Milwaukee job corp center but on s 6 month break. But we have ghost in our center because one female killed herself and some dude had got put on fire and it used to be all vice lords

  3. I completed this program in Edison job corps (NJ) 2017…. Didn't leave with a job and I only had 3 choices find a job/school/military

    Spent 11 month in office administration hoping for them to help me find a job based off the trade I did but nope. They just had me on searching for jobs on my own and gave me 2 checks $250 each after I left….

    A lot of staff is corrupted and have favoritism… Living there was the worst. Teachers not being teachers and R.As wouldn't do they job right and wouldn't report anything major that happened because of the paper work they had to write down (being lazy)… I seen students selling drugs, smoking weed, fighting in dorm rooms… Honestly it was like jail… I don't recommend anybody to go to any job corps center…. Messed me up mentally and its 2018 and still don't have a job. My CTS don't help me at all and its upsetting

  4. This was posted in 2014 it’s 2018 nothing’s changed !!! I’m a student in Job corp today! They choose their ranking over keeping the place safe… I’ve experienced so much within 7 months here

  5. Don’t send your kid to job corps if they have another option. I graduated from KHJC, it was a complete nightmare. Systematic abuse of authority, drugs being sold by staff members, sexual relations between staff and students, unhealthy living conditions, constant bullying, hazing, and barely mediocre teaching. These are all VERY real things that I personally witnessed and lived through. You want your kid to go live in a place where they make you wash the toilets and mop floors with the same towels that we used to wash our bodies? Be my guest. Kicking Horse is currently on a student admission lockdown, they are not accepting any new students. They hurt more students than they helped.

  6. job crops are for the worst… member those who didnt finish school…so just think type of people who dont finish school….these are school rejects put in a bowl to work out their problems

  7. A teen girl I have been trying to help is at Job Corp in Michigan right now. She said there are constant fights. The fights are never one on one fights instead everyone jumps in and it becomes a free for all. Sadly, Job Corp is her only real option right now. They need to expel the people who start fights. It is the only way to make it safe.

  8. job corps was the WORST experience i ever had. it was like the closest thing to prison ever. there were kids from the inner cities that would get into knife fights with the different gangs from the inner cities. I had to lock myself in the closet several times because of the gang fights. I was frightened for my life every minute I was there.

  9. What do you think happens when a bunch of people who should be in jail in one building? Obviously you are targeting the youth who are drop outs, and or criminals, throwing them all into a building to live with eachother, and expect them to all get along?

  10. See now, every single story i see about bad job corps is about this north Texas one in particular. I was thinking about joining till i saw this. But this is one place, with about 20 news stories on it. This is not job corps as a whole, this is one building of 112

  11. As a Job Corps Admissions Advisor I make absolutely sure to be brutally honest and consistent to and with young adults who are interested as well as their Parents. Overall, Job Corps is a good program. However, it is not any better or worse than any other Institution of Higher Learning. I have personally witnessed the positive growth and development of many young adults who committed to Job Corps. Yet, I have also witnessed some who enter Job Corps with tremendous potential only to blow the opportunity due primarily to "who they decided to socialize with". See, there are basically two categories of people (this includes both students and staff) in Job Corps. #1. Decent people struggling to do this thing the right way. They really want to establish a stable future for themselves. They want their families to be proud of them. The Staff genuinely want the Students to "get it" and really care that they learn. They are helpful, friendly, respectful, and mature. #2. Individuals (and some Staff) who just don't get it! These students have an entitlement attitude, think that everyone owes them something, that everyone is going to do everything for them, they bring drama and gossip with them, they choose not to follow basic rules and they lack motivation or real maturity. The Staff in this group are basically earning a paycheck (again, these are those few Staff in group #2).
    Some of those Students in group #2 eventually figure things out once they get over themselves and are willing to work through their initial homesickness issues. I'd say about 15% of group #2 do not change, are not trying to learn and grow and are mainly in Job Corps looking for a temporary reprieve from things like following the rules in their Parent's home, running from a bad breakup and otherwise just looking for a place to chill for a while with no worries about what they're going to eat, having a roof over their heads and a place to sleep.
    The mature and sharp students have fun just like anyone else, but they have goals and stick to accomplishing them. In short, its not magic! One will only get out of Job Corps (or anything else) precisely what they decide to put into it. Those who genuinely apply themselves do very well and really benefit from it. Those that don't take it serious eventually get disciplinarily separated go home and tell everyone who will listen that Job Corps is terrible. Of course, like with any other institution or place of business there are some Staff who are not setting a good example for the youth mostly by being apathetic towards some youth or not really caring that our children learn what they came their to learn as well as failing to hold some youth accountable when they get off track. I have seen too many positive changes in the lives of young adults who I enrolled into Job Corps in the past 17 years so I know first hand that it works. The negative element is there, but each student has to make a choice on who they will decide to allow in their social circle. What happened during this particular time at this particular Job Corps Center (in the video) is highly unfortunate and dangerous and should never be tolerated by Staff or Students. Unfortunately, we are going to see bad people doing bad things in every aspect of our lives. I saw good people and bad people from Elementary School, my childhood neighborhood, to Churches I've attended, through High School, to College, to serving in the Air Force and working in Corporate, but this didn't mean that these institutions were bad…it was some of the people. My message to any young adult considering enrollment? "Never, ever let anyone or anything keep you from accomplishing your goals". Lastly, "you have to embrace the fact that no situation is going to be perfect and that you must embrace the challenge of growing up verses being so quick to run from it."

  12. When you have a live in campus, when you have 16-24 old young adults living together, you will see a lot of pedophilia, unwanted pregnancies and drug use. I went to Pittsburgh Job Corps and this was life everyday.

  13. It seems like most of centers have a cruel quota system in place, so they only focuesed on the number, I also went to one in Penobscot Maine for 2 years. One of the worst mistakes I ever made. In many cases people who went to job corps ended up not haveing a job at all, and the "program" did nothing about it to help them.

  14. These are BOLD FACE LIES!!! This is so sad that these reporter's HAVE no clue what they are talking about HEAR SAY IS HORRIBLE! This child on here COULD HAVE BEEN LAZY or INSUBORDINATE. This is a great program for the youth to get on TRACK and you can bet your life your child, friend or friends friend can be successful at JOB CORPS IF THEY WANT TO, it's the choice of the youth!! GIVE IT A TRY and really try GET THE YOUTH ON THE ROAD TO BEING SUCCESSFUL!!! Don't believe all the negativity!! Every place program and person has something wrong with it or them. That doesn't give anybody the right to discredit or down play the structure or the way the program was designed to help the youth! For the record the proof is in the pudding not in hear say!! Look around at todays society this program is a necessity for the youth just because someone has had a bad experience or possibly coached on negativity doesn't mean someone should try to sabotage or ruin it for EVERYBODY! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS RUIN A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR SOMEONE YOU KNOW!!!

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