Spirit Leaves Touching Message for His Wife at GRAVE.

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Happy Halloween! Brandon makes a return for this one, after years of not taking part in any paranormal videos. Much love to all, and this video has an amazing EVP message from a spirit to his still living…


  1. Steve huff you can contact ana Dela Cruz from Philippines she's so special she can see all of them' and can maybe help you even more. Please continue spreading love and light may god blessed us all

  2. Hello HP this is @greight_angel via Instagram, would like to know if you have been recieving evp or talk of someone higher up name begins with J (and not Jesus) please contact me if you have. Have to say been a fan for a while be safe take care…

  3. 9:04 This is the second time I have watched a random video of yours Steve and I am freaked the hell out!
    "Jay I am Dead" My father died in may and i been thinking about him lately. Even said a prayer last night then I stumble on this video.
    And another video you did, he mentioned his name Jerry This is some scary shit

  4. Hay Steve its Thomas from Canada I just wanted to say thank you for your love and peace truth and kindness for telling me I'm loved buy God even if I'm gay and HIV I have to tell you this is vary important to me you have a kind soul and I truly trust your words of the heart so her it goes I'm 52 and only realized in the last 9 to 10 years that I'm a empathetic all my life have thought I was sick because I feel everyone and also animals fear pain love its sometimes so overwhelming at times it hurts if learning how to hone it in and I can tell when someone is playing me and it freaks them out I also meditate with the 7 chakras of light the heart is the most powerful of all of them here is my question so you believe that help thay say christ really did use them and the third eye is mentioned buy him whe you can see with one eye you shall see me I forget what part of the new testament it's in but is true can you tell me if I'm on the right path using this in my life my heart is true to the light I'm old but my heart is truly like a child I feel more centered doing these but feel if I'm not careful and stay true to the light of God as I'm studying and opening my chakras that the evils is trying to attack me but I smudge with sage and feel this is helps everything in me say I'm on the right path with this but I have to be careful as I see you do to with what you do can you please tell me what you think of this and can you ask the loving spirit's iv thay are real and is it a way to reconnect back to God if done right love and light to you my friend and its truly nice geting to know you my new friend blessing yo you from me and all of the light of love from Thomas k night bud

  5. Hi Huff. I love watching your videos but here recently I been watching them alot more lately since my little sister and nephew died in tragic car crash October 26th 2018. I know you probably won't see this but if you do can you please do a session for my sister. It would mean the absolute world to me and my family for you to reach out to her and possibly hear her one last time. She was only 19 years old and my nephew was only 5 when they passed. Getting a response back to this would mean everything to us❤

  6. Can you talk to albert einstein pls i wanna hear him pls his my most favorite idol because of his intelligent he inspired me to love science i want to be like him and i really like science and i love science more because of him i love albert einstein and i want to know how to time travel and how to make a machine

  7. Huff, can you get in contact with my best friend Young king Dave? He was a 19 year old kid from New Jersey who was very famous and well known for the term doinks. That kid was my bro and I need to hear his voice again like this comment so he can see

  8. Just found your channel. You inspired me to try talking with the other side. I believe that it worked. I totally believe in life after death, even more. Wondering if you could contact jill Janus of the band huntress. She recently passed in August. I feel that I made contact with her trying the app method.She was very into the occult and annunaki.

  9. I wish their was a (all like button for all the videos). I went to cementy yesterday the day after halloween to see my brother grave yard. I was using dibboux app. I talked to 2 people a male and female that were close together buried. I ask if their were in a good place. I heared women voice saying no. No. No. No. I prayed to God to protect both of them. My father was with me. My father prayed for God to protect them and lead then to the light of love. After my dad said In name of father, and the Son, and the Holy spirit Amen. I clearly heared the man voice say Amen. I got shocked. I started having goosebumps

  10. hi steve,my mother died 2 weeks ago, after a  long fight with huntington's  disease in York England.. her  name is Margaret king, any chance you could contact her? thankyou … ian

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