STORYTIME – My Paranormal Experiences

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  1. Baylee, you might very well be an intuitive as it tends to run in families. A psychic once told your grandma N that one of her children had some psychic abilities; we figured it was your uncle Darryl. When he was a child in the very same farmhouse, he once awoke in the dead of night to see a figure standing at the foot of his bed; maybe you should ask him for a description sometime!
    When you started talking about the elem school, I thought of my own experience in that school as a child; I was walking upstairs alone going to class; when I got to the large doors that separate the stairs from the hallway, the door opened on its own. Then you went in to share the very same experience. Creepy! And sorry I did not hear you call out that time at the farm, I hate to think of you lying in bed scared!

  2. Ooooh, Baylee, it seems like you have some clairvoyant abilities ?that's really awesome, but also probably scary for you sometimes, haha! This might sound like nonsense, but practicing with Qi and mental barriers helps! ?

  3. Hey baylee, I’m not sure if you ever found out what was going on there, but I remember watching your vlogs about the doll in the case moving when you weren’t there… personally that always freaked me out but who knows, maybe it just had bad balance to it ??

  4. About people dying my pap on my moms side died when i was about 6 and that night we were outside playing in the yard and my mom said she got this overwhelming feeling of sadness where she wished her dad could be there to watch us play. She said it was the weirdest thing and it only lasted a few seconds. Then she heard the phone ringing and just decided to answer it later. It rang again and it was I think my aunt or uncle calling to say my pap had died. Second was last month. My other Pap died the begining of Sept and we were out of the state so we drove home and I got there with my then 13 month old daughter before my parents because I left sooner. It was late at night and I was feeding my daughter in my room cuz she was going to bed right after. Well when she was sitting on my bed she looked at my door and she looked like she was following something moving from my door to the edge of my bed. She has never done that before. Shes looked around the room but this was way different. You could tell she was tracking something with her vision, her head moved and she was very focused on what she was following. My Pap loved his great grandbabies so it would not surprise me at all if he came to visit her one last time.
    I have had a lot of paranormal things happen to me, being touched, hearing conversations when I was home alone, a little girl in the shower with me, had objects move, heard and felt someone walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Tons of stuff and my house was brand new, my dad built it so I don't know if it had to do with items we had or if it was the land or what but it was scary.

  5. My mother had a miscarriage, a few weeks after that she was already pregnant again (this time it was me). I grew up, started gaming, got to know people. There are several people I know in real life and from gaming (so from the internet), who don't know each other telling me that a girl was very often by my side. She looked a little like me, but not very much, she had blonde hair too, but she was taller and thinner (I never saw her, so I think she maybe looks a bit more like my older brother). I feel her too sometimes, it feels very cold when she's with me (I know this because some people told me when she was there, so I learned how she felt). I like to believe that she is my guardian angel, because she's often with me when I have depressive feelings. I felt her too when we had a car accident last year (we didn't had to go to the hospital, but I needed to see a doctor the same day, my knee was hurting), somebody told me that she stood in between the cars, to protect me and my mother.

    I had more expierences too, but this was the first one that crossed my mind.

  6. when i was 9 years old, i lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment with my mom, stepdad and little sister. my sister and i shared a room that was way down the hall away from our parent bedroom. well my parent both smoke, and my stepdad had gotten home from work really late that night and was in bed and ended up falling asleep with a cigarette. i remember being woken up by a woman with long dark hair and a white dress. she was telling me to grab my little sister and get out. now theres no sign of a fire yet. no sound from my parents room, no alarms going off, just this woman in my room begging me to get up and get my sister and get out of the house. when i finally came to and was more awake i hear a commotion from the back of the house and my mom comes running in and grabs my sister and tells me to get outside, their bed was on fire. luckily everyone was ok and made it out and the only damage was the bed and some of the carpet.

  7. Your art has gotten so much better. I love the movement in the scene and all the cute bunnies. Your videos are always great; I've only seen a couple but always learn something form them. I've lived in a haunted house. I've had my glasses hung on a low-hanging branch and stuck in the fridge. Footsteps on the roof, coughs and voices were very common when I was a kid/teen. They've quieted quite a bit, but you can still hear them late at night.

  8. My school used to be a hospital. So, there are many odd experiences I’ve had.
    One day, I asked my teacher to ya ether bathroom and she said yes. I went by myself. While I was leaving the bathroom, I heard and saw a bathroom door swing open. It scared me so much. We have 2 bathrooms in the building for each gender so I only use the other one now.
    Also, for a whole week, I always felt someone tugging my hair. But, nobody did it because where I sit, there’s no one by me.
    Everytime I’m in Health Class, I always see this dark black man figure running towards me and I blink and then it’s gone. My friend told me that she sees a red colored circle that looks like blood around me in Health class.
    These were such scary events for me.

  9. So I only have two experiences, and they aren't very interesting, but I might aswell share them.

    So the first story I remember very vividly. It is when I was around 5 years old. I used to see this little boy in my room, and occasionally my brother's room. The layout of our rooms was we have a long hallway, at the end is a bathroom on the left side along with my old room, and then my sisters on the other side and my brothers room. The end of the hallway is in kind of a v shape. So I used to see this little boy. He always used to try and persuade me into playing with him. I stopped seeing him after I turned 7, but the thing that creeps me out is that I told my grandpa about this, and he started telling me about this little boy who was run over AND FIT THE EXACT DESCRIPTION I STATED! And knowing the little boy is probably still here is freaky!

    The second story only happened a couple minutes ago. I was sitting on my bed writing this and a huge boom shook our entire house. Of course my grandpa, sister, little sister, and my brother felt it. It shook everything including me. Can anyone explain this to me? We looked around outside and everything was exactly the same as it was before, and I'm freaking out!

  10. TL; DR- there’s apparently a little girl ghost and a older male ghost in my house, and if their plan is to scare me, well, they’re succeeding

    I remember I was in my room once at my sister’s house and I think it was in the winter when school was cancelled, and I remember waking up to feet pattering in the kitchen. Like, it was a very loud PATPATPATPATPAT. I laid there for a minute thinking “Nobody’s home, but maybe the relatives came over?” I laid there quietly trying to listen and I heard nothing else. It freaked me out.

    And I remember I was coming out of the bathroom across from my room and I thought I heard something along the lines of “-be”, like the end of the word. My name is Abby, so I got freaked even more out. It sounded like a young girl, but as far as I know, it was just a voice.

    And there have been several times where I think I hear someone walking by my room or even in another room; there have been times where I even look up expecting to see someone standing in another room. It’s like I can feel a presence but I can’t see it. This also happens sometimes in my room. I feel like there’s someone standing in my doorway, and oddly enough, I feel like it’s that little girl. But there’s also a presence near my closet door. I usually close my bedroom door and leave my closet door open, but I feel like someone’s poking their head out from my closet. It’s not the girl, like I said, it feels like someone older.

    (I also feel like there’s someone standing out my window, near the edge next to my television stand.) was

    Every time I come home from school, I feel like someone’s watching me, as well, especially from behind. I can be in the living room and feel someone watching from the kitchen or master bedroom (the master bedroom, kitchen, and the room near the front door are at one end of the house). There’ve been times where I think I hear something behind me or I think I see something out of the corner of my eye like a person ducking behind the master bedroom door that it just doesn’t make me feel right. Nothing has been physical, so it may just be my mind wandering, but it still feels like there’s a presence.

  11. It is called shadow people when you feel like/ see a person next to you, right when you wake up and they disappear suddenly. It is your consciousness happening before your brain knows where to assign your physical location thus you are in two places at once as it scrambles to make you feel like your are in your head. Thus the other figure could not be you and is read as a second person. It is similar to out of body experiences.

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