Strange Ufos and Buildings on Google Earth discovered ! Nov 1,2018

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Strange Ufos and Buildings on Google Earth discovered ! Nov 1,2018
Witness statement as follows:
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Strange Ufos / Buildings on google earth 1.11.2018

Object Seen Over Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado on 10/31/18

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Ovni aperçu dans le ciel île de…


  1. these entities are not simply lights, they interact with the environment, at min 9, the shop sign jumps, perhaps by induction, has received a strong electromagnetic discharge, truly surprising to avoid using scary terms.

  2. now these sightings have become almost normal, but it seems that the only ones who do not notice it are the media and the people with the TV on the altar of truth ….. it is simply sad.

  3. There getting more and more active!! I Bet They will them selves. Show them selves to US, and not threw any governments!! They wanted to show themselves to us a long time ago that our governments said no but they're not really aliens you know what they are demons!!! Say will appear and say they are our creators and will bring growing machines to accelerate production of food but you have to remember these were made by Lucifer and the falling angels!! They don't care one iota about us they want us dead don't give in they are pure evil give your life to Christ while you still can!!!

  4. The shit their planning to unleash on us.god will sgow mercy but these globolists are something else.cant lets us break free of these chains as soon as alot of people are waking up they will knock us back watch.

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