The Bourne Supremacy

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The action continues with Oscar® winner Matt Damon as assassin Jason Bourne in this state-of-the-art espionage thriller packed with some of the most intense chase sequences ever filmed!


  1. I wonder there's such thing as a CIA program like Treadstone. How they train their operatives to be highly trained efficient killers with strong focus, dexterity, agility, and thinking on their feet.

  2. Rented video Bourne Supremacy, Watched 18 minutes. Came back to watch the screen says but states "Sorry there was a error licensing this video". What's with that? Happen often? Will I receive a credit?

  3. If your not familiar with the Bourne story line, freeze frame the sequence of Marie looking thru Jason's "memory" notebooks at the start of the film. a lot of juicy clues left by the director!

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