The Frighteners

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Peter Jackson directs Michael J. Fox as a “ghost buster” who is in over his head in this special-effects-packed supernatural chiller that’s so fiendishly entertaining, it’s frightening!


  1. I love Michael J fox in this movie he is excellent he is at his prime glad to see Michael J fox making a comeback from Parkinson's disease hang in there Michael love this movie. our prayers and thoughts are with you Michael J fox

  2. Most definitely an under-rated "scary" movie. Good acting, great comedy, and a plot that keeps you interested. Michael J. Fox did wonderful comedy in this movie but, sadly, he's now suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Still, at least, he got a few good knots (meaning movies) under his belt before the symptoms of his sickness became too advanced. Great Job, Michael!

  3. Great movie from back in the day. Kinda reminds me of something Tim Burton would have made back in the 90s. I saw it in the movies when it first came out. Was alot better on the big screen. Had alot of ideas that werent seen in other ghost flicks. It is a very underrated little movie.

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