The Gothic Archies – The World Is A Very Scary Place

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A collection of found vintage Halloween images and screen captures set to one of Stephin Merritt’s side projects: The Gothic Archies


  1. This is kinda late response but I just wanna say, I read a few different times that the KKK actually took the idea from the old classic ghost costume, because they believe that africans were very superstitious and afraid of ghosts, ridiculous right? lol

  2. I have read that Hannon cites The Magnetic Fields as an influence, along with Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen. Not to take away from his merit though…he's an original in his own right.

  3. If you told me this was Neil Hannon singing I would believe you. I love The Divine Comedy, and I love this. But can anyone tell me who influenced whom [unless the similarity is just a coincidence]?

  4. @CzechDetectingChap I don't trick or treat, because I live in Australia, but I guarantee, if I ever do trick or treat, I will buy some red velvet, stockings, and an old fashioned dress and go as Esther Coleman.

  5. Thank you…yes…I don't think anything comes close in our era that matches the creepy/fun factor of vintage Halloween costumes. Glad you enjoyed it!

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