The Haunting Tape 8 (ghost caught on video)

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The paranormal activity had slowed down a little until I tried auto writing with the ghost of the little girl. The ghost girl opened the cabinets and i did not see her except in the view finder of the camera. I believe the ghost is wanting me to leave my home. The haunting is being looked over by a friend who is a paranormal investigator. She is going to try and help the ghost girl over to the…


  1. Turn ya speed to 0.25 and go to the time stamp 1:57 you can notice that the paper's angle before is a little top right then it turned to the left a little bit so he edited it and cut the video and removed whatever is attached to that cabinet

  2. Thank Gord he had the presence of rotting mind to circle that cliche "entity" otherwise it may have taken 1 and a quarter seconds to spot it, as opposed to the single second it took due to the eye luring red circle…sigh

    If you're gonna bullshit us at least make it less obvious techno fart!!! That's right I said what every body else here over the age of 10 are thinking yet for whatever reason, have decided not to unleash! I'll reiterate, AND accentuate!! You madam are a fart trapped in a jar!! And I doahnah hear a single peep from you spirit turd! You had it coming!!

    DID you actually think we were NOT gonna notice the fake "entity" you used as being the exact same as the Japanese classic horror "The Ring"??
    In spite of all that laziness and all your theft, I never thought a tiny little brat wearing a white 18th century sleeping gown with her mommies' long black wig worn backwards!

    If I actually saw this little shit hat in my effin bedroom in the wee dark hours of the morning I'd hoof her so hard she'll be the happy recipient of the "Miss Camel Toe Universe" pageant in perpetuity!! I'd punch that sissy ghost's wooden teeth so far down her ghost gullet that she'd have to stand on her ghostly head to eat!

    Now, in closing I'd just like to add HOW DARE YOU??!! Keep working at that Clown Town apprenticeship program, go with your strengths! Being lazy, lame, stupid, smelly, and out to lunch at breakfast puts you in firm contention, and somewhere out there a village is in urgent need of an idiot and that's where hard work and despermination…I mean determination will pay off for you!

    Anyway, Clown Town collage isn't launching their diploma courses for a few months yet – and you know damned well what that means don't ya Sargent Pecker?? You run straight to your closet right now little lady and throw on something frilly to surprise your man when he gets home from his anal reconstruction surgery! LOL! Wheeew!!


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