The Journey of the Wounded from Cemetery Ridge to the Spangler Farm

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Join Ranger Christopher Gwinn of the Gettysburg National Military Park and Dan Welch of the Gettysburg Foundation and follow the path of the wounded from Cemetery Ridge to field hospitals behind the Union lines, where surgeons, nurses, and volunteers struggled to save the torn and bleeding casualties of the battle. How were the wounded evacuated from the field of battle, where were they taken,…


  1. Thank you for this. I served 11 years in the military and deployed to Iraq, I'm 33 but have medical issues from my service and can't travel to the battlefield there, but these videos give me the chance to see it. Thank you. I am a history major so I greatly enjoy watching these.

  2. At 29:15 he states Manassas aka Bull Run was 2000 miles from Washington D.C., and he tells us a wounded soldier with two broken legs walked that distance using rifles as crutches and took him 7 days. 2000 miles from Manassas VA to DC and he his reading from a book LOL!

  3. I can't fathom the pure horror of the battlefield in the following days after the fighting ended and Lee made his way back towards Virginia.  The description of the conditions are unreal…to me the worse was the infestation of bot flies that are naturally drawn to both the dead and severely wounded survivors that cannot tend to their wounds and are helpless in the wake of maggots that are growing IN THEM!  Just horrible.

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