The Legend of the Jackson Whites

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Out-takes from the documentary film ‘American Native’
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  1. Worked on the pipeline up there few years back & there are some very strange people living up in those woods to the point that local police wouldn't come up into certain parts of those areas when we had run ins with so called "Jackson whites" very much like the movie deliverance or so it seemed……

  2. Bunch of Hillbilly imbreds that live in Northern NJ.
    However Just Leave them the fuck alone. And they wont bother you. If thats the way they wanna live. Who am i to say its wrong. Just stay off their land. Is that so hard to ask. Go ride your fuckin motorcycle someplace else. Im sure there’s neighborhoods in NYC that you dont go to So stay outta their neighborhood!!

  3. Why did the motorcycle guy leave when those savages threatened him? They don't own the goddamn woods. That's some criminal shit right there. I would have said "fuck you, I'll ride wherever I want!"

  4. Nothing is being said about how poor these people were. When I was about 5 or 6 , my father took us for a ride in the Ramapo Mountains. He told my brother and I that we were going to see the Jackson Whites, the poor people who lived in that area. I saw many shanties or shacks with only outhouses and a well for water. No indoor plumbing, water or electricity. The people had red, curly hair and were a mix of black and white races. They did have deformities due to inbreeding. It was a shock for me to see this as I lived in a nice home. I'm 56 now, so that was about 51 yrs. ago. so that would be about 1965 when I was in that area.

  5. As I understand the people are of Hessian (German) soldiers, freed & runaway slaves & native Indians. NOW, I have read they are of ex-English prostitutes, etc. I worked with a man who was a NJ cop from that area who is now a RN. He knew a lot of history of these people. I often wondered if he was of their blood. This ex-cop/RN was light skinned mulatto; a good looking man. I, also, know a lot of the Jackson-White people have German surnames; one I am familiar with is "Mann". This young man named Mann was killed in 'Nam. RIP

  6. Thanks for your interest Kyle! The film we be available on-line and streaming services early next year, followed by a cable TV release. Please check back here or on our Facebook page for specific dates…

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