The Most Amazing Orb – Orbs Caught on Camera

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The Most Amazing Orb – Orbs Caught on Camera
Orb knows what’s doing.

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  1. Omg I’m having similar experiences it’s cool to see other vids of people having similar experiences/vids that are like the vids I’ve been recording of orbs and cylindrical things that pull amazing maneuvers at high speed and seem to be intelligently controlled and seemingly have a negative refractive index metamaterial shell, to become invisible and fade into existence and also seem to grow and shrink in size.

  2. I was with my dad outside late at night, he was gonna disable the notifications of actions in the cameras but then we saw these orbs moving at the same spot. At first we thought it was the phone moving so we placed it down on the table and the orbs were still moving at the same spot. Then we covered the screen of the phone and the orbs were still moving at the same spot so I asked my dad “Why are they just staying there?” and right when I said that, the orbs moved to us. We couldn’t see them with our eyes but the cameras captured the orbs. Pretty cool experience.

  3. So recently I have noticed that my cat has been acting very strange when hes in the living room. He has a cat tower in the corner of the room that almost reaches the ceiling and he will climb to the top of it and said there in stared at the corner of the ceiling where it needs the wall and then he will start scratching up there but yet we don't see anything there. It's not a fly or a bug or mosquito or anything like that there will be nothing there but yet he will sit there and stare at it and sometimes jump up and scratch at the wall meets the ceiling.. And sometimes he will sit on the couch or somewhere else in the room and just sit there in stare at the ceiling fan like hes in a daze and then he will jerked his head back-and-forth and start looking your own room for a while but always looking up like he is seeing something.. And I know I have been told in the past that cats will Chase spirits and dogs will run away from them. So the seasoning he started doing that staring thing again and scratching at the wall at the top of his cat tower so as my friend resolver she took out her phone and house of took mine out and we turned on the lights and turn the Flash on the phone and started making videos. And we did notice a bunch of little small orbs flying around in the room and at 1st we thought it might just be dust but these little spots were flying in all different directions up-and-down and across the screen when you watch the video.. I may still be a little skeptical but it kind of makes me wonder why the cat keeps on freaking out like that.. I also have another male cat but he does do that in this house.. I've had that cat for several years and there was another house that he lived it with me and he used to do that same thing at that house and I never knew wife..

  4. These things are energy of course, but I still wonder what specifically they are.
    The link of the guy I've left there, I'm pretty sure he knows what these things are.
    Gustavo Fernandez is an investigator of all this paranormal things. The guy knows a lot of this stuff.

  5. check this orb out then! please… it's fantastic. If it's acually an orb, which i think. many of them, probably? Hm, don't know how to put links here but it's on my page… I only have 3 videos uploaded so will be easy to find. cheers!

  6. Yep .. I believe it here, too .. also, I did see something in it .. annnd .. to comment on flashlight guy's comment .. pfffft, what are you thinking, my buddy? put away your own laser light and just watch what's here, hey 🙂

  7. there are orbs in my house I know who they are one is my grandmother and another great grandfather witch I never met until and the other one is the ghost of a women she came with the house her name was Lucy luckily all of them good and don't want to harm anyone

  8. I have a video that happened. I see 4 shooting orbs. One is amazing and I was literally filming my dog on a treadmill, nothing ghostly. Any suggestions? I can send it I believe. It is 35 seconds long. Would lime another opinion.

  9. I have reviewed the video and believe it to be credible. Based on my new timeslip hypothesis: The "orbs" are the eyes of fish and sharks swimming through the timeslip area. This is the most commonly documented paranormal phenomenon because the earth has been covered in Iapetus/Panthalassic ocean for the majority of it's biological history.

  10. I forgot to tell you. Keep all those videos as evidence you will need them later in court as irrefutable evidence. Those orbs is radiation, plasmas of radiation beams and lasers directed to you. Point the phone towards you as much as possible and you will see them going through your body.

  11. They appeared because you are connected or piped for synthetic telepathy, they can read your thoughts and what and when you are going to do things. At the moment you are helping them to deceive others but later be prepared they will start torturing you…….who ? …..V2k masters….who are they ?….NSA, Military Forces and Federal Departments. They are playing tricks on you…counter Intelligence officers with the help of contractors. Bye.

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