the most haunted places in texas | alaina

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  1. okay so i am native american and i completely agree with you i hate when people call us indians because we're NOT indian we're NATIVE AMERICANS like literally. its not really offensive to me when people refer to us as indians its just annoying but i feel like it is offensive to actual indian people

  2. I decided to watch this at 2 in the morning. Nbd. The battleship Texas is one of my all time favorite museums. I’ve been there a few times now. Luckily, I’ve never seen the spirit you’re talking about, but that place is cool enough I’ll still go again. Anyone visiting Houston should definitely go check it out!!

    As for the Alamo and Menger hotel, my best friend stayed there and has a video of suspicious activity. They had a banner sitting in a gift bag and it fell out onto the floor. Scary thing is, the gift bag wasn’t tipped over, and the banner was completely in the bag prior to ending up on the floor. You’d have to lift it out of the bag for it to fall. I shudder just thinking about it. The Alamo itself is very creepy. The church, which is the most recognizable part always gives me odd feelings. But the barracks have always put me on edge. I guess now I know why!

    Great video!

  3. Going inside and touring the Alamo is super sad. I’ve been, I was excited to go, (history buff) but as soon as we walked in something took all my joy away. You’re also not allowed to take pictures inside. Texas is my home, Jefferson Davis hospital, I couldn’t even walk inside of because of the history and when I stood outside of it, something in my head told me to leave. Battleship Texas is cool af. Houston/Galveston is FULL of crazy history like that. I live in Dallas now and I’m so ready to explore and record the weird shit around here, I’m about to do a whole thing on Goatman’s Bridge. I’m terrified but ready. I’m not a native Texan, but I’ve lived here the longest out of all my states, and it’s by far my favorite. You might like to research the ghost town of Maxdale and the haunted bridge and cemetery. Close to Fort Hood. Also, COLUMBUS WAS A DICKKKK.

  4. I could literally walk from my house to the Alamo lol it’s free to walk in so check it out if ya can but def nothing crazy or spooky has ever happened while I’ve been or to anyone I know so maybe it happens more at night but you can’t go in it at night … I will say there’s a hotel next door where people have died and there’s haunted stories about that place as well it’s called the Menger hotel so if you ever come to San Antonio you can stay at this haunted hotel and visit the Alamo at night that’s right next door lol love a spooky vacay

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