The Most Haunted Road in the World | Clinton Road and Shades of Death

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Clinton Road in New Jersey has phantom trucks, devil worshippers, and is known as the scariest road in the world. Close to Clinton Road, is also another haunted road, Shades of Death road. Let’s take a tour of the scariest roads in the world.


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  1. That was so bleedin creepy, I decided to take you off me list… just cos ye scared me so effectively and thoroughly with this one! Well done, you!! (Yer safe now, Nutter Mike– I couldn't bear to lose me favourite YouTuber anyway, so you'll be living a long and spooky life with no interruption from me :D) We Nutter sorts gotta stick together. Nutter Oliver mews in agreement… love, Nutter judith! 😛

  2. AWESOME VIDEO MIKE!!! Thank you so much for doing a video on 2 haunted roads, I LOVE VIDS. ON ANY HAUNTED ROADS OR HIGHWAYS!! I have an area by me that used to be an urban legend called "The Orlando Lights" ( in Orlando Florida ) and when I was a little girl & Orlando still seemed like a different state then the busy town of Palm Beach 3 hours South where I lived most of the time with my mother right on the beach… My daddy would take me out to this dirt road where there was a "Fish Camp" where people lived on house boats or just stayed on vacation in tents to go fishing etc. And he would take me there to see the Orlando Lights and at 4 I "oooohhed & awwwed" lol, but by 6 I knew about "swamp gas" and the lights it produces, so I made my dad laugh when he took me to see them after that & I felt all grown-up explaining the swamp gas to him!! He had a young pretty girl friend who lived on a nice house boat in the fish camp at one time and she was a nudist lol… I found out later she was also a Playboy Playmate!! But, I loved hanging out on her house boat & staying the night with her when my dad went home. We'd swim naked after dark in the area that was a clear freshwater beach. It was SO NICE!! But, other then that & a type of Bigfoot creature, there's not many local urban legends I know of around where I live now or where I grew up. Lots of grizzly crimes & crime scenes, as well as "certified" haunted homes, such as my own historical home, but other then that just REAL CRIMES!! Great video, maybe you can do a part 2 for a favorite fangirl??!! Love & Support Always~ Mizz B. ???????

  3. Seriously, we have the worst place names in the world in this country. I grew up in Michigan where we have a town named Hell (guess who gets called whenever it's very hot outside?) and that's just down the road from Climax and, you guessed it, Nirvana.

    We're weird over here. And you thought Wales was bad for place names!

  4. I was chased down Clinton Rd once, by one of those phantom trucks. At one point, it's headlights were in my backseat. Those phantom vehicles do have the ability to ram the back of you.
    I believe that traffic light is around 5 minutes long. People rarely obey it, so I don't believe anyone knows for sure.

    Never been down, Shades.

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