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There is a road in Scotland where bicyclists have to pedal hard to ride downhill… but then coast uphill. Why? | For more World’s Strangest, visit

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  1. Cyclist are very familiar with "false flats" it's a common phenomena. The surrounding landscape gives the false impression to the rider that they are on level ground or going slightly downhill, when in fact it's the opposite.
    A simple level set on the road will show the reality of the slope vs the impression.
    My friend lives along a steep hill, if you look across the street, you could swear that the house there is not level. I actually put a level on that house just for fun and of course it's perfectly level.

  2. Saw a vid. about an area in India Himalayan region @ base of a mountain, cars pulled backwards no illusion of height issues there, compasses freak out , people are affected [ prob. because of the Iron content in human blood] disruption of electrical signals etc. They should make a investigative documentary on that region & measure in S.I units not feet- only USA clings onto that antiquated system – when the earth was flat !!

  3. look how much of a tilt that frame fake horizon have its more titlted than the road it self cmon
    you really belive its a optical illusion really how come that the ground is tilted is it not connected to the ground ?
    there is no such thing as flat sea level µ
    if you say earth is a globe than the sea level cant exist its a globe
    if you say the erarth is flat then sea level wouldnt be diffrent in other places
    the earth shape no one know it yet and no one got out of the outer space

  4. i lived in Prestwick when I wiz a boy then emigrated to Australia when I was 13, we often went to the 'electric bray', but I discovered something about the place, true or not I don't ken, it's actually an optical illusion, when you're travelling west ( towards the clyde ) you're going downhill that's why when you're cars in neutral it's still moving,,,,,,,, now would you believe anybody fae Preswick……lol

  5. Without gravity, you have no way to measure where is up or down except with the help of the horizon. However, the horizon can still tilt as the huge landscape is at a slightly slanring verticle angle. Maybe to you it's going upwards, but in reality, it's going downwards

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