There’s an Unidentified Spirit in This House

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Paranormal experts, Bill and Elizabeth, are brought to the scene when a homeowner calls the police after multiple run-ins with ghostly activity.

Ghosts of Shepherdstown

The Team:


  1. " Ive got a feeling" yes and❓Feelings prove nothing,in fact you've just got yourself into a heightened sense of emotion so your "feelings" can now run riot❗️The video shows Nothing whatsoever. Quite absurd tbh?

  2. THIS IS SOME FAKEEEEEEE SHIT, what makes me laugh is people say on tv shows these ghost are slamming doors and moving stuff, but bruh poltergeists can move and slam stuff, and poltergeists ain’t that common!

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  4. "Is there anyone up here"

    No, just 4 "ghost" investigators, the camera operators and the sound team and the people making sure that all you see is the people's faces or the butt of the person who actually claims they saw something that the camera never actually sees.
    So sick of these fake paranormal shows.

  5. hey listen! There is no ghost or anything like that anywhere on the earth….they are just myths… dont b scared……no ghost is present anywhere on the earth…..i can prove it……0091 8728001919 is my number……if anyone want to challenge me….call me….i will spend the time alone at so called haunted place

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