This May Be THE MOST EVIL HOUSE on Earth

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tonight at what may be the most haunted and evil house on earth, we captured on camera paranormal activity like no other. poltergeist activity real ghost on camera and so much more scary evidence of an after life. like and subscribe for more real raw and uncut paranormal exploring, do you believe yet


  1. Hiya, i am a subscriber and watch your vlogs…have you seen this? Paranormal Lockdown UK The Skegness Hell House… what do you think? also, what spirit-box are they using? looks all made up to me x

  2. Hopefully, I don’t get bashed too much for saying this since I don't know the age of the girl. She was young I hope a child and if people knew God is loving towards children and would take them to heaven after their death. My belief and everyone has their own opinions but I honestly believe everyone ghost is a demon in disguise trying to trick you. Even here I swear that wasn't that little girl just felt all sorts of bad vibes from watching this.

  3. BrA-VO you guys! As a sensitive intuitive empath, I can literally feel and smell the stinch of that awful place! Hats off for even being there, not to mention the fantastic job of
    ? Ghost Hunting?
    ??Happy Halloween ?? Olivia and Andrew!

  4. Andrew brother check out Moe Sargi video goat man house between 17:1717:40 where he forgets to edit his poltergeist activity out of the video where he tells his buddy when to open the door … THIS IS WHY I DIDNT LIKE YOU BEING LINKED WIYH THESE FRAUDS AND GOING OUT EXPLORING WITH THEM… I watch you because you are legit … hurry everyone caught his ass so he’s going to take it down soon I am positive

  5. Great video!! I love how well that Kinect device can pick up things us people cannot see with the naked eye. What a neat new way to see the spirits that are with us on ghost hunts! Happy Halloween & Happy Hunting. Hope you all have a great day? EV✌?

  6. Even though I'm not a guy (lucky me!), I might investigate a murder house with friends. I'd like friends along in case someone, say, trips and needs some help. I'd be interested to see any ghosts. Perhaps ask spirits of the murdered dogs to assist you, hmm?

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