Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions

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Are we alone? Unsolved takes on the mysteries of the universe.
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  1. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar? Concerned about human abduction by aliens? or kidnapped by them? (read that one somewhere else after watching this)
    Mmmmm……. don't think so XD Seriouly: nope.
    * giggles * ^_^'
    No wonder that story never made it to Peru hahaha.
    what year was that? 1989? I assure you, by that time, aliens weren't in his mind (or ever, maybe) He had more earthly and important matters to take care of XD
    Javier Pérez de Cuellar and alien abduction…..omg….so funny XD

  2. "Being easily led to believe that anything he did not recognize was a UFG". Isn't that the exact definition of a Flying Object you can't identify?

  3. I loved the way you two had discussions over these cases.. i liked the amount of info that you two have gathered .. plus these cases seem so real.. valentich case is something that has been in my mind for quite sometime now.. good work boys

  4. I don’t understand why is it so hard for some people to believe we are not Alone in this Incredible / Infinite Universe There are 200 Billions other solar systems in our MilkyWay Galaxy the Conservative Estimate is that there are at least 10,000 other Intelligent civilizations in our MilkyWay Galaxy. In Technology some are much ahead of us and some aren’t by the way don’t Forget There are Billions Other Galaxy’s Each with Billions of Stars / Planets out there MilkyWay Galaxy is about 100,000 LIght Years across We been Transmitting Radio / TV signal into that space for less then 250 years so any part of our Galaxy That is more then 300 Ly from Earth haven’t had Enough time to Receive our Signal yet

  5. my family loves watching this show, and when Ryan mentioned Budd Hopkins my mom freaked out. She knew him when she was in college. my mom was an art major who studied in New York for a short time, and there she met him and worked with him for awhile. she said he was a little loony haha

  6. Do I believe in Aliens? Yes, totally, hate the prospect of it to be perfectly honest. Do I believe half the stories of people claiming to be abducted? Not really.

  7. Yall know what the U in UFO stands for? ok good, these probably werent alien abductions. Also i do think that it is very unlikely for aliens not to exist because the universe is so large. its unlikely that our tiny planet would some how be the only planet to have life of any kind. Our planet has millions of species, there is almost 7.7 billion people, its highly improbable that we are alone in the universe. now saying have aliens visited our planet before? im not sure and there isnt really anyway to prove it for sure until they come from the sky and actually show themselves to the entire population.

  8. What if most of the people experience or see the aliens but they are just scared to talked about it because people will just see them as a psychopath, even they have enough evidence they are still scared the things might happen to them. That is why until now we can’t figure this out. And maybe government hinder things too

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