Toddler falls out of van on busy highway (Crazy video)

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It looks like a nightmare in the making, caught on video — a dashcam shows the tiny figure of a child tumbling from the back of a moving minivan onto the unyielding pavement of a bustling thoroughfare in China.

The child, no doubt dazed and bewildered after his sudden fall from his grandfather’s vehicle, stumbles helplessly after the minivan as it pulls away. Desperately alone in the chaos…


  1. Why is the child's backside blacked out? Is it because it's wearing the typical Chinese Toddler pants with the hole in the rear and someone is afraid we might see something and take offense?

  2. Oh my god I thought that was John Quinones at the end and they made a baby fall out of the car to see what people would do. I know that's fucked up but that was my first thought ?

  3. My favorite part was when tge kid was all like, BOOM! OUCH! I FALLED! and then the car peoples were all like: CHINGIE CHINGIE CHOCH CONGO!!! (GET IT! BECAUSE THEYIR ASAIN IN THE CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!)

  4. Why in the fuck wasn't the child in a carseat? Wtk is wrong with parents these days. They should face criminal charges for real this is absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. Strap your kids in tight people. Such a fucking idiot

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