Top 10 Creepiest Houses You’d Never Enter Even If You Were Paid

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Some homes are truly creepy. From infested houses to haunted houses, here are the top 10 most terrifying houses in the world.
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Be Amazed at these creepiest haunted houses in the world! Shanley…


  1. As with all Supernatural programs and tourism. It is for entertainment purposes only. They even say so st the start of the program. Having lived in a haunted house I can say spirits do not entertain. In fact most of the time they are harmless and wish to be left alone. The rest is all in the human imagination. Unless they can see you are there to help them with the unfinished business they need to settle they don’t want to. As a kid I ran up to the toilet and back and would not want to return to the house. Mainly because I didn’t know who it was or how I could help them and as a result the energy is negative.

  2. Guys I know this is for entertainment purposes but do your research please especially if you’re talking about history or trying to be informative. This is extremely misleading. The myrtles plantation was not an unsolved mystery Mr. winter hung slaves from the trees on his property and killed his slaves Chloe. He was not a nice man and had lots of blood on his hands. He was murdered on his doorstep in retaliation for the murderers he calls. He was what was part of the the KKK.

  3. I'd have no problem entering or even spending the night, a week, or even a month in any of the haunted houses, and/or the house with bats. Wouldn't want to go into the snake house. BUT, would rather have snakes than spiders.

  4. Hey Amazed,I'm a "victim" of what you can call seeing "trails" that are the term of the former owners walking around,or children playing around, but weirdly enough they don't seem to be aggressive,do I have it fine with seeing them…

    Just to let you all know, I see them everywhere.

  5. Were i live is haunted we see orbs on the cctv hear banging noises hear footsteps staff once got locked out of the office even though they had the key on them they could not unlock door caught orbs on camera felt cold spots my friend has seen a shadow i once was at my neighbours house which is in the same complex and my phone was face down near the door even though i had put it on the arm of the sofa and then somebody knocked even though nobody was there and our hoovers keep breaking down

  6. I've always wanted to see a ghost or something paranormal or supernatural but I never have. And I've really looked! I stayed at the Congress Hotel in Chicago several times, even looked around where we heard about ghostly activity from the interwebs and never saw anything scarier than a spider in the tub. Same thing with Bachelors Grove in Midlothian and Diversatech (sp?) mental asylum in Manteno (both close to Chicago). Frankly I'm starting to think maybe I just can't see ghosts. I'm like Mulder, I want to believe!!! lol

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