Top 10 Creepiest Places On Earth

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This list features the 10 most creepiest places on Earth. From a abandoned amusement park to a abandoned island that used to be home to insane and sick people who were left to die, this list will blow your mind!

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Written By:
Christian Linares
Athena Walker
Matt Stefon

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  1. The island in Italy was only used to house sick sailors until they were proven well. Then they were allowed to leave, to either enter town or go back home on their ship. But when the back plague hit Europe. it was used to house the sick and they were cared for very well. Many doctors and nurses died from catching the illness in the hospital that was built to care for the ill. But the island helped spare Italy from the worst of the plague. I know because my grandfather lived near there as a boy.
    It was turned into a mental hospital after the plague was gone. And was famous for its excellent care but was closed after the doctor committed suicide. There is no soil on the island though that is true. It is all ash from burning the bodies of the back plague. It has seen SO much death and madness that no one ever goes there. And will never be open to tourist. I just wanted to fix some parts of your story you got wrong. No one that was sick was ever held like a prisoner. Peace☆

  2. It's cool to see Helltown make the list. Been there before as I live in the area and it definitely has its creepy vibe. It's sad they took away an abandoned bus that used to be there which was a ghost hotspot.

  3. I have been to the catacombs once, and now i'd rather face every single serial psycho that has ever lived, than go back in there again.
    If the dark, the bones, the eerie feeling that you're not alone are not enough to make you shit your pants while you're walking into something that is hundreds of years old, the claustrophobia on it's own made me wish I never got in there.
    Thank god the people I went in with knew better than to explore further than we went.
    I still have pictures on my instagram, I always skip them because one in particular, with a dark ending path, always sends shivers down and up my spine because I'm 100% sure someone was there waiting for us, or something.

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