top 10 real ghost caught footage (paranormal)

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5 Most BELIEVABLE Paranormal Videos

There are tons of paranormal videos all over the internet, but most can be dismissed as poorly done edits. However, what about that rare occasion that you find a video that’s so convincing, it makes you think twice? Here are the 10 most convincing paranormal videos you can find on YouTube.

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  1. # 4 u see it a bit before it is slowed down to full view of ghost. It was back in the trees just behind her. A bright white then camera pans to field and such then pans back and shed on road.

  2. Im the third one there is not ghost its a girl in white school dress and her bag is also white see there bhosdike teri maa ka bhosda fake videos
    banata hai

  3. i do believe on such things..but this video is really nothing but shit, full of editing..haha i don't know why people are creating such annoying things…it's really not good 🙁

  4. The first one my dog does that all the time. That's how he scratches his butt. And what is with the white dress with long black hair that covers the face? I have seen that same ghost in many videos and three times in this one.

  5. the background music is silly. the video of that random hiding behnd the desks, how do we know that aint some hoax? he didnt exactly jump up to scare the camera guy, just screamed to scare him away. looked fairly human to me. another one for the meh pile. oh dear god, 8:10 fake af.

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