Top 10 Scary Places Where Bodies Have Been Found

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Top 10 Scary Places Where Bodies Have Been Found
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It’s scary to think that dead bodies are found in really strange and scary places. And no, I’m not talking about cemeteries. Apparently, people find dead bodies or body parts in the most unusual places so here are the top 10 scary places where bodies have been found.



  1. I'm currently traveling back & forth to a medical clinic in Florida. I live in North Carolina but have to travel that far for help so far they have found out I had brain damage & a brain bleed , something is messed up with my eye , my heart is overdoing what it should be doing , anxiety, depression . Like a signed poster , positive letters , merchandise or anything you choose. God bless. I'm currently recovering from a surgery I had.

  2. i really enjoy to see you guys commentating i enjoy all you guys can you guys please soon do Denmark urban legends/danish urban legends please i have asked so much and u saw most my comments about it Love your videos 🙂

  3. You forgot that they removed Kendrick’s organs and stuffed him with newspapers for his burial. He wasn’t an organ donor and they used his body for a trash bag. His parents tried to sue them too

  4. Did this mans reaaaallllllly just make fun of the deceased girl in the cubicle by saying " she died cause she hated working in a cubicle and had no friends" xD aha, much love from Kitchener bro, watch these vids everyday after my nightshift (y)

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